Allegiant Air Baggage Fees & Tips To Cover The Expenses

Allegiant Air Baggage Fees & Tips To Cover The Expenses

Personal item, carry-on, and checked bag, allowance, dimension, and weight restriction information. Answers to commonly asked baggage related questions. 

Headquartered at Nevada, Allegiant Airlines is one of the major and low-cost flag carriers in the United States. This airline is ideal for the travelers who wish to enjoy their journey at the lowest fares without compromising quality and comfort. Now, when it comes to traveling, baggage plays a crucial role as every traveler must carry some luggage. To facilitate the passengers, Allegiant Airlines has crafted a well-designed baggage policy so that travelers can pack their bags accordingly. It is preferred to go through the baggage terms and conditions before making Allegiant Airlines Reservations. Let’s find that baggage policy, its fees and some tips to cover the expenses here. 

Get to know About Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy Here

According to the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy:

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The passenger can carry only one personal item and one carry-on item in the cabin. You are required to measure the dimensions of cabin baggage carefully including wheels and handles and make sure that the dimensions fall within the allowance range. Below is mentioned the dimensions of personal and carry-on baggage.

  • The maximum dimension of the personal item can be 7 inches X 15 inches X 16 inches (17.8cm X 38.1cm X40.6cm). 
  • This personal item can be:

Small backpack

Food container



Small camera

  • Note down the fact that you can keep this personal item only underneath the seat in front of you. No extra charges are applicable for carrying personal items, provided that it doesn’t cross the pre-defined limit. 
  • The maximum dimensions of the carry-on baggage are 9 inches X 14 inches X 22 inches (22.9cm X 35.6cm X 55.9cm). 
  • This carry-on baggage can be:

Garment bag

Roll-aboard bag

Tote bag

  • It is important to note that you will have to pay carry-on bag charges for bringing this baggage onboard. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

Based on the route, Allegiant Airlines follows the piece concept and has assigned up to 4 baggage per passenger. 

  • The maximum total dimensions of the checked baggage is 80 inches (203 cm) (Length + Breadth + Width).
  • Each piece of the checked baggage can have a maximum weight of 40 lbs (18kg)

Please note down the dimensions and maximum weight of the baggage while making Allegiant Airlines reservations Online

Oversized and Overweight Baggage Allowance

The baggage that crosses the maximum dimensions of 80 inches and a maximum weight of 40 to 70 lbs is considered as oversized and overweight baggage. Passengers will have to pay an additional amount to carry such an overweight and oversized baggage onboard. 

Everything You Need to Know About Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees

Before flying with Allegiant Airlines, it is important for you to know about the airline’s baggage fee which is mentioned here.

  • No fee will be charged for carrying the personal item. 
  • A fee of $10 to $75 will be charged for bringing carry-on baggage onboard.
  • Baggage Fee for the checked baggage depends on the destination where you are flying to. It ranges from $30 to $35. 
  • $50 will be charged for an overweight bag.
  • $75 will be applicable on overweight bags
  • $75 will be charged for oversized bags
  • $50 to $75 will be added for the overweight personal item

Tips to Cover Baggage Expenses

There is no particular tip for covering the baggage expenses as baggage is an integral part of traveling. Just avoid exceeding the baggage allowance limit while making Allegiant Airlines Reservations. Allegiant Airlines Reservations. Do you want to feel the best experience of travel at a more affordable and convenient price? . It is very easy to book your flight online on the airline's official site. 

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