Best Air Conditioner Value And Inspections In BD

Air conditioner price in Bangladesh

Best Air Conditioner Value And Inspections In BD

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  • 10-Oct-2020
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Samsung Air Conditioner within this summer, Samsung brings a new version of Samsung split air conditioner. This is a 1 Ton or 12000 BTU cooling capacity air purifier, which may keep a medium-sized trendy in the time of humid and hot summer.


In addition to smooth cooling attributes, it has mosquito away the choice to keep your family rescue from the bothering mosquito. Durable input and output components with medium weight allow moving this appliance quickly as well as make installation uncomplicated too. Moreover, its automobile wind alternative will provide you the feeling of a pure atmosphere.


Ever model has some drawbacks. In the case of Samsung Air Conditioner, nothing special to mention about but mosquito away features. It has not yet been tested for a long time.


Smart looking user-friendly modern technology foundation Air conditioner price in BD that can keep you fresh in the time of hot summer as well as increase the attractiveness of your place.

Design and Outlook

This is a white color split air conditioner version. Smooth finishing with defined modern body features has made this product attractive to the consumer. Rotary compressor with golden fin makes sure about the continuous airflow. Both indoor and outdoor units are easily installed, according to the dimensions that this item is ideal for moderate size room.

Cooling Features

Air its working capacity varies with space size; weather well the number of appliances are using at the same place. According to the South Asian, whether Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh could be cool 150 to 160 SFT areas very comfortably. Moreover, its airflow (In/Out) /min 9.16/28 features guarantee cooling. Additionally, it's a jet cooling option to produce your room cold inside no time.

Smart Characteristics

Day by day, Appliances makers are introducing new features that have been making the appliances more convenient and safe.

Mosquito off Function: Ultrasonic wave technology is safe for humans, very convenient, and maybe the easiest way to keep mosquitoes off.

It has been tested for three days at a research institution and demonstrated as a powerful element to stop a mosquito bite.

Jet cooling Option: During this mood, stable fresh air blow off and place the temperature at 18 degrees instantly for half an hour, and turns back to the original set temperature after 30 minutes. That means that you may get a cold room when you want.

Anti-Bacteria Air Filter: This alternative refine the atmosphere properly make the air safe and healthy to the family.

Soft Dry Option: In the summer season, the weather stays humid, which makes space a small bit wet. The thin, dry option will create your room dry and comfy for leaving.

Timer: you Can place you're required on and off time. After reaching the set period, the Air conditioner will automatically go to the off or on disposition.

Auto mood: Auto mood will provide you natural sense in your room.

Electric Features

Among the home appliances, the Air conditioner is considered a heavy electricity-intensive machine and has to require a high voltage line. Its input consumption rate is 1600 Watts.


In the case of Samsung Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Noise Level is High (dB (A)) 43 and Low (dB (A)) 38 on another website out Door Noise Level is dB (A) 50. This degree is very much lasting for any age's people.

Samsung is a renowned brand, and they've deals all over the world. That means you may find Samsung air conditioner price in Bangladesh at your nearest Transcom Digital home and kitchen appliances showroom within a fair price.

In closing, According to my, it is a beautiful model to get into the room, but it's your decision. Make the choice that fills your requirement.

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