What Does a Comprehensive Dental Exam Include?

What Does a Comprehensive Dental Exam Include?

At least once in your life, you will visit a doctor for a checkup, for example, a visit to your dental clinic in Dryden for a quick checkup and cleaning. However, one should know that they also offer comprehensive dental exams. Most people do not know the difference; hence, they go for the basic visit, not knowing they can get more out of their appointment.

The big questions is, how often should one schedule a comprehensive checkup? The ideal time would be at least once every three to five years. Unlike a regular dental checkup, which is recommended at least twice a year, this can be performed less frequently because of its scope. 

A lot of people assume that having regular dental visits are ample. However, they should know that a comprehensive exam is vital in preventing and treating problems early. A common issue is oral cancer. Over the years, the number of people suffering and losing their battle against this type of cancer has increased. 

Medical professionals encourage everyone, especially those who are at risk to have this done as a proactive step. Those who smoke tobacco and cigarettes, those who chew on betel nut and those who have a family history of the disease should prioritize this among others. 

Dental exams in Dryden may show you possible signs of oral cancer. Other than this, they may also recommend an oral cancer screening examination to confirm it. Early detection and treatment is the key to living a good life. Here are a couple more details about the two to help you understand the difference and to help you decide which one is the best for you.

The Difference Between a Dental Checkup and a Comprehensive Dental Checkup

The duration of a regular dental checkup usually lasts for about 20 minutes. This involves checking your teeth and gums for decay and possible risks for gum disease. This mainly focuses on the obvious and highlighted parts of your overall dental health. Meanwhile, comprehensive dental exams in Dryden last for an hour or more because they go into a different depth than that of a basic one. 

What Areas Are Examined?

When you have a comprehensive exam at a dental clinic in Dryden, expect a full periodontal exam which includes the inspection of your jawbones and gums. Your teeth, head, mouth, and throat will also be checked for signs of cancer. Also, a complete occlusal exam which is the analysis of your bite, will be done. A full TMJ exam for the jaw joints, dental X-rays, and salivary exam will follow along with an aesthetic exam which deals with the overall appearance of your teeth and jaw. 

The Best Time to Have a Comprehensive Dental Exam

As mentioned earlier, the best time to have comprehensive exams in Dryden should be every 3 to 5 years. However, other circumstances will require you to get one, and these are the following. 

You should get a comprehensive dental exam if you are to have orthodontic braces or dental implants placed. This is essential when you are replacing previous dental work or if you are about to get new or replacement dentures. To put it simply, any type of major treatment requires you to have a comprehensive dental examination done. This is to make sure your overall health is ready for the changes and procedures to be performed on you. It is essential to getting the results you want and a hassle-free recovery. 

Some medical conditions may require you to have further tests done by qualified dentists. The more comprehensive the exam is the more information can be used to come up with a better treatment plan. Learn to trust your medical professional.

If you have not yet received a comprehensive exam performed in a dental clinic in Dryden, now is the best time to book one. Apart from being able to see possible risks and diagnosing existing dental and oral health concerns, they can also provide useful information on lifestyle choices and guidelines that you can practice to prevent issues and problems from arising. 

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