Dental Care While Having Cancer Treatment

Therefore best Dental Clinic Jaipur is sharing some of the significant dental health tips you must consider during your cancer treatment.

How to Take Care of Teeth during Cancer Treatment?

It is essential to take care of your teeth while having cancer treatment otherwise you may experience side effects. You should regularly consult your cancer care team and get the dental checkup done as patients who receive cancer treatments often have changes in their mouth. This is extremely important especially if you have a port under the skin for receiving medication or feeding.  

If your mouth is not healthy before or during the cancer treatment, you tend to more susceptible to infection and if the infection is serious, it can cause a delay in the treatment. Therefore best Dental Clinic Jaipur is sharing some of the significant dental health tips you must consider during your cancer treatment.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Brushing: You should brush twice a day with an extra warm toothbrush. You can soak it in extra warm water to make it softer and also brush your tongue.
  2. Flossing: Flossing once a day is also important as it removes the plaque between the teeth but if you have sore or bleeding gums, just be gentle and avoid those areas. You should floss in between the rest of your teeth.
  3. Stop Tobacco: The best dentist in Jaipur advice you to do not use tobacco or related products as they can be harsh for your body especially for your mouth. So, stop using tobacco and heal your body faster.
  4. Take Nutritional Diet: Along with these precautions, you must maintain a healthy and nutritional diet rich with vitamins and nutrients. It can help in boosting your immune system. The nutrition and calorie level can vary according to your age, gender, physical activity, and other health factors.


While having cancer treatments like chemotherapy, you may have weakened immune system and if your mouth is not healthy before the cancer treatment, it can cause infection and delay the treatment. So follow these tips for better results.

Only those people who have braces can understand the struggle they face in maintaining them. Taking care of your teeth becomes even more difficult when you have braces. These are basically the countless tiny spaces which are put in your mouth to correct bad bites, to trap food as this causes plaque and can lead to many other dental problems. In this state, it is really essential to brush your teeth after every meal but you do not need to worry, Best Braces Dr In Jaipur are here to guide you.

Tips for Dealing with Braces

Taking efficient care of your braces would stop you to damage them and your teeth underneath them. It will also make it easier for you to wear them more comfortably. You can learn these basics by contacting Best orthodontist in Jaipur. They will provide you the dental professional recommendations to keep your teeth and gums happy while wearing braces.

  1. You can take off the elastics and any other removable parts of the braces.
  2. Now you take your brush and hold it at a 45 degree angle and start cleaning around the wires and pins of your braces. You must brush from the top of each wire down to the bottom. Be ensured that you have removed all the plaque and debris. Then you can work around upper and lower teeth.
  3. Now you can brush your teeth. Place your brush on the gum line at a 45 degree angle by applying a gentle pressure in circular motion. Take time of 10 seconds and use the same strategy for all your outer and inner tooth surfaces.


This was the short guide upon taking care of your teeth while having braces. This is true that when you have braces, your teeth and braces require special attention and these tips will really help you.

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