How to start a successful digital marketing business in 2019

how to start a digital marketing business

How to start a successful digital marketing business in 2019

A decade ago a very few people were aware of online business and digital marketing. As time passed people became more familiar with internet marketing. No doubt most of the people in the middle class believe in traditional marketing and they go to any shop for their requirements. But a vast segment of people has shown their interest in online shopping in the past few years in the entire world. This gives a positive signal that the future of digital marketing is very bright.

If we talk about the traditional market then people go to the market and most probably the goest to the famous or big shop to purchase the product, as they believe that the big and famous shop will give him right product on genuine prices. This scenario is also applied to online shopping. When any online visitor wants to purchase any item he searches on Google or any other search engine and then check the first 3-5 results, as he thinks that the top websites have very good market position and that is why they are on the top.

About 70% of internet users have the above-said mentality. So if any company wants to sell their products or services then they have to be at the top of the search results. Now here the need for digital marketing arises. If you are a digital marketing company or wants to start then you must go ahead with this as this would be the very fruitful business in the future. Now let's discuss how you can get success in the digital marketing business.

Hire a content writer

For successful digital marketing business, you have to hire one or more content writers. The main objective to hire content writers is to write articles for backlinks (guest posting etc), to write content on clients websites, etc. If you don't want to hire any content writer then you may go to or for any freelancer for this job in a one-time payment.

Hire an SEO Expert

The second thing is to hire an SEO expert who will perform on-page as well as off-page SEO on your client's website. To bring any website on the top of Google, SEO is a must. Without SEO, no website can rank on Google. This is the most expensive role in your employees. Most SEO experts charge 50,000 Rs. per month to 1.5 lakh per month or more in India (according to experience). If you are an expert in this segment then it would be just like the cherry on the cake.

Purchase Softwares & Plugins

Software & Plugins are just like the tools you must purchase. If a carpenter does not have a saw then how he would cut the wood. Similarly, if any SEO company (which is a digital marketing company) does not have the latest software and plugins then how would he provide services to his clients. ahrefs is the most popular SEO analysis tool which most probably all SEO companies have.

Provide Bulk SMS Marketing

You can provide bulk SMS services to your clients. You may start your own bulk SMS company or start with a reseller panel to promote your client's websites or projects. There are a lot of Bulk SMS Service Provider Companies across India, but out of them, very few are reliable. Your first job is to search for any reliable, affordable and dedicated service provider out of these SMS Hub companies. For your convenience, we are sharing the top 5 bulk SMS service provider.

  1. MSG91.COM

You can start your bulk SMS marketing service with any one of these service providers. You may also buy an aggregator panel to become an aggregator, which requires a huge investment.

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