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Getting certified is the best way to improve credibility in the job market.

Getting certified is the best way to improve credibility in the job market. This is the most appropriate way to gain access to leading job openings according to the desire of the candidate. The certifications serve as an indicator of the skills possessed by the individual, and each certification also comes with certain perks like community programs and recertification waivers that benefit the individual in their future endeavours. There are a lot of IT certifications available to help beginners enter the industry or help professionals to apply for administrative roles in the company, but it can be a hard choice to make. Here is a list of some IT certifications that offer amazing salary packages.



Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) helps candidates interested in risk assessment and security systems inspection to find the right placement in a cybersecurity job. CISA qualified individuals are part of the reputed ISACA community and have important roles in helping stakeholders understand security tradeoffs.


2. CompTIA Fundamentals

This is the gateway course for any industry amateur. The CompTIA Fundamentals helps individuals understand the basic concepts they need to kickstart their IT journey in an industry filled with high paying opportunities.



Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) is an industry-standard accreditation for cybersecurity administration jobs that require the candidate to have the necessary skills to be able to sniff out security threats, monitor them, and manage access among the firm's users as a system administrator.


4. PMP

Project Management Professional(PMP) is a high paying position in the firm's planning and execution wing. These certified individuals are skilled in making scheduled routines for the teams and coordinate among them to design good quality products for the clients without stretching the deadline limits.



Amazon Web Services is a vendor-specific set of cloud computing certifications in a multitude of relevant IT fields. It includes using the cloud service for database management, data analytics, forecasting and prediction, and designing web applications for clients. 


6. CEH v10

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is the most practical and effective way of becoming an accredited ethical or white-hat hacker. The job skills include sniffing out malware and ransomware threats, penetration testing, and finding loopholes in a company's cybersecurity system. 



Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is another cybersecurity accreditation that helps recruiters find talented risk-minimizing employees who are able to become security analysts and monitor potential threats from becoming hazardous components. This prevents data loss and costly recovery procedures.


8. CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ title is given to individuals who are trained in using various cloud computing systems such as AWS and Watson Studio in order to make practical products and deliverables for the client's assistance in the business. It also tests the candidate's understanding of cloud security.



Earning a Lean certification proves the individual's capability in designing detailed plans for the management process of any project. It involves noting down every single step of the production process and managing teams to deliver within the deadlines.


10. GCP Architect

Google Cloud Professional (GCP) Architects are individuals who are able to make use of the organization's cloud services to design analytical products and help companies with their data processing problems.


11. ITIL

Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of guidelines set by Axelos in making businesses perform better and much more efficiently with the application of their existing IT tools. It helps firms reconsider their investments in IT teams and improve productivity issues.


12. CISM 

CISM Certification is a versatile cybersecurity certification offered by ISACA to help candidates get into cybersecurity analyst positions and also manage network and server access among the firm's employees based on their standing. It is a great way to showcase administration skills to employers.


13. Certified ScrumMaster

ScrumMaster is a new management technique where teams review their progress every day and have to take their next steps according to their target specifications. This is a productivity enhancement certification.



PMI Agile Certified Practitioners make use of Agile methodologies to improve the productivity of the team and collaborate between teams to successfully complete projects much faster than the competitors.


15. CompTIA Linux+

Linux systems are not everyone's cup of tea and CompTIA is one of the rare few organizations that provide skill certifications for this beloved operating system. Companies that used Linux based IT systems have a high demand for this accreditation.


It is necessary that the IT certification aspirant understands their career priorities. Proper planning and understanding regarding the objectives of each certification will help them make the best choice and maximize their salary prospects.

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