Looking To Launch Your Own Zoom Clone App? Here’s How!

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Looking To Launch Your Own Zoom Clone App? Here’s How!

Ever since the blistering coronavirus pandemic whopped everyone’s behind, normalcy has been lost and scientists want us to forget the world before the pandemic. In such unprecedented times, two important sectors, the workforce and the educational sector have taken massive hits. Human interaction, which is an important part, had to be avoided and to save everyone from bordering insanity, enter video conferencing applications like Zoom and Air meet-an alternative app developed in India. Offering features that put face to face interaction to shame, these web conferencing applications have skyrocketed in the past few months, and the need for these applications have also been on the rise. Here is where we come in.

 Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, a business, or an educational organization looking to develop your own Zoom clone application? Do not fret anymore ‘cause excellent video conferencing and meeting app developers are at your fingertips to meet your needs. Including the basic features of a Zoom app, you can get your own Zoom like app for all your web conferencing needs. Let us take you through what you will be getting yourself into.

 Choose your own platform!

 Your new air meet clone solution can be made available on all platforms for hosting, ranging from smartphones to desktops. You can either go down the native route, which deploys the zoom clone application in android and IOS platforms or make use of web-based applications that can be accessed by any device, using browsers through which the web conferencing application can be used. Separate applications for both users and admins in both Android, IOS and web-based applications are readily available. This gives accessibility to anyone you want to use the App, which means chatting with your colleagues by the water cans isn't hard anymore.


 Along with the zoom clone script which will include all the zoom/air meet features like chat, screen-sharing, file sharing, recording and multi-party conferencing, you can include additional features and functionalities based on your budget to your Zoom like app such as adding themes, separate features for formal meetings like breakout rooms controlled by the host, filters and reactions for more informal ones. What's more, you can feature your own brand and company themes and colors on your cloud video meeting application like Zoom. The possibilities are endless and it all boils down to your choice. 

 Extra features of our Zoom clone application

 With the government facilitating work from home for IT industries, the majority of the employees highly rely on encrypted video conferencing applications like Zoom or Air Meet. So the need is at an all-time high and investing with web conferencing  video app developers might not be such a bad idea. Some of the extra features that come with the Zoom app clone include 

  • Scheduling meetings
  •  Real time messaging
  • HD video meetings
  •  Record meetings
  •  Share screens
  • Create subdomains
  • Get alerts
  • Get host notifications
  • Restricted access

 And these are just some of the features that come with the Zoom clone script. Customizations, as mentioned earlier, can be added to facilitate the smooth working of your business or organization. And guess what, this will give your company an edge over others in the field, propelling it to greater heights.  

 For other various purposes

If you’ve read this far, it means you would have one of the needs mentioned above. But here’s the thing, your own Air meet clone solution does not always have to be for your business or schoolwork. It can be used for all your video conferencing needs starting from a birthday party to a wedding ceremony.

1. For your business needs – need to discuss a project with your team? Got a query you need addressed? Want to talk to your clients regarding their needs? All these questions are answered with our video conferencing solutions. Get the application customized to your company needs and maintain trust and loyalty with your clients which ensures continued contact with them.

2. For your educational needs – as much as this might bore students, studying and taking exams are now done on online platforms using video conferencing applications like Zoom. With continual dependence on these external providers, a lot of finances need to spend. Your institution can make use of our encrypted video conferencing apps for all your needs. Starting from online classes to virtual PTA meetings, get your own Zoom clone application built in with the zoom clone script added with your customized features like whiteboards, recording and sharing lectures, connecting virtually with experts around the world and many more.

3. Personal connections – let’s admit it. Going to parties and events physically remains unmatched. But with your own web-based applications, bring the concert to your home! Stay in touch with friends and relatives from all over the globe. You can also live stream weddings and birthdays using the direct broadcast option. Maybe these virtual meetings aren’t so bad after all huh?

Continued support and guidance

From our side, we are committed to providing you with the best product available in the market, paying attention to all your customizable needs and requests. Experience a seamless transition into your own Zoom clone app, with our developing team backing you. No matter what your business requirements are, we have an expert team of developers who provide quality products without inflating your budget. So join us to create your own brand of zoom-like video conferencing app and bring your workplace, classroom, and party hall to your living room.


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