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User Retention For Mobile Apps: A Strategic Approach To Win User Loyalty

Retaining users on mobile apps is exceptionally hard, especially when the market is choking full of similar kinds of apps. But with a strategic approach, you can achieve the impossible easily. Let’s see how to accomplish this feat without any hassle.

How are you measuring the success of the mobile app in the market?

By the high download and installment numbers from various app stores? If your answer is yes, then we sadly need to tell you that you are only calculating half of the success metrics of the mobile app. The other half lies in user retention

High download numbers won’t matter if the users are uninstalling the app as soon as it is installed. This lack of engagement and retention will cause failure in revenue generation, and the app will undoubtedly fail. So how are you going to save the app from meeting such a disastrous fate?

User Retention For Apps: How To Do It Right?

There are some mobile app user retention techniques that you can easily apply. Here is a handy list of the top 5 techniques among them. Let’s find out how to improve user retention without any problems.

  • Let’s Start With Easy Onboarding

First things first, how easy is it to start using the app?

If getting started is hard, users are not gonna like it. They will not hesitate to grimace and uninstall the app if it makes them jump through too many hoops to even register as a user. Not to mention, the world of app stores are full of applications that are making it uber easy for users to sign up and start learning how to use the app. In such a scenario, you have to integrate the right kind of onboarding process to expand the iOS and android app retention rate for the app. 

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So what to do? Well, for starters, you can make signing up as a user on the app easily. Use social media login gateways to help users log in with just one tap. And once that’s done, provide a short, but sweet introductory tour that informs users of all the in’s and out’s of the app, how to leverage all its benefits and get the most out of the experience. An app that makes the beginning of the journey easier for the user will always have better chances of expanding mobile app user retention.    

  • Are You Pushing Those Notifications?

Notifications are the necessary evils of the application world and you probably heard this when looking for an answer to the question of how to develop an app. And while it is a gamble for apps to send in notifications to their users, it is also a necessary strategy to increase app user retention rates.

And that’s why ensure that the app is sending the users the right notifications at the right time. Make the notifications as non-intrusive as possible, and give the users absolute control over the notification settings. This control over the feature will make users feel more at ease about not getting bombarded with useless notifications throughout the day, and increase the ideal retention rate for app users. 

  • Make The Users Feel Right At Home

Personalization is the key to user satisfaction. Making the users feel right at home within the app is going to make them more prone to come back to it after a while and increase the user retention rates. 

Business owners will need a personalized mobile engagement strategy to ensure user attachment to the apps. The experienced mobile app development agencies in New York can assist new entrepreneurs to create a plan that involves two- Static personalization and Dynamic optimization.

Static personalization is easy. All you have to do is alter the app-content and notification messages slightly, perhaps addressing the users directly by their username. It will make them feel more connected with the app. And for dynamic optimization, you need to analyze user behavior through data analysis and integrate the insight based knowledge throughout their user experience. For example, you can suggest products they might want to buy based on shopping history on an eCommerce app. Both static and dynamic personalization can drive your app retention rates through the roof.

  • Send In-App Messages

In-app messages might seem useless at times. But it is also a fact that when apps deliver targeted messages to their users containing crucial info, they increase their chances of user retention. In fact, according to statistics, apps that practice delivering in-app messages observed increased app user retention in 28 days.

The information on the app messages is crucial bits of info that the users need to know one a daily basis to make the best use of the app. So do not skip this feature if you want to increase user retention for the long term. 

  • Encourage The Users To Communicate

Communication is the most important when it comes to expanding client retention rates. So if you are thinking about making and launching an app for the users in the market, do not forget about adding a functional communication channel on the app. Making it easy for the users to communicate with you and express their grievances is going to make them want to stick around for longer. So look for a development partner that has a clear correspondence policy included in their work process from the very beginning. 

Wrapping Up: It’s All About Making The Experience Worth It

Mobile app user retention is all about making the whole experience worth having again and again. The users would ignore an app with a subpar experience. So do the research well and apply important app engagement ideas like the ones mentioned above to win user loyalty.

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