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How artificial intelligence is being used in mobile applications

Yes, machines did. Today, AI (artificial intelligence) with machine learning can observe, learn, and analyze data. It can also work on its previous mistakes as we humans do. It has stunned the world how AI is being used in mobile apps? How does AI integrate with robotics, cognitive abilities, and more?

John McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence” in 1955 to find the answer to his curiosity about whether the machines can respond to human questions. 

Yes, machines did. Today, AI (artificial intelligence) with machine learning can observe, learn, and analyze data. It can also work on its previous mistakes as we humans do. It has stunned the world how AI is being used in mobile apps? How does AI integrate with robotics, cognitive abilities, and more? What is the Tips to Develop Mobile Apps with APIs  ?

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Different use cases of AI 

Automation - Android application development is a lengthy process. The coders have to spend day and night to code the same thing. AI comes with a promise to ease this process by establishing an infrastructure to help them. Bitbar announced an AI test bot that will test many mobile apps in one go. So, AI app development companies can rest assured of quality by spending less. 

Machine learning - We all know that programming is a long process. But, it is no more with machine learning. Yes, the machines can act without requiring programming. They work on the basis of previous experience analysis and then predict a move. 

Machine vision - AI can provide a machine with the ability to analyze and capture visual data. Therefore, AI can listen to and see things just like we humans do. Further, it evaluates and acts as per the given information. Humanoid Sophia, powered by AI is an ideal example who can read facial recognition and react to it. 

How a leading app development company powers your mobile apps with AI? 

Artificial intelligence is one aspect of computer science and mobile app development companies use this science to develop apps for intelligent machines that learn and respond like humans.

SIRI, Alexa, and self-driving cars are some examples of AI that has it secured a big space in our tiny devices. Do you want to explore more areas of mobile apps where artificial intelligence has a considerable impact? Let’s check it out:

Enhance mobile app UX

Mobile app developers and UX experts rely on AI to enhance user engagement. Artificial intelligence helps improve audience engagement by evaluating patterns of user behavior. It uses the data with different user inputs and behavior patterns to evaluate and draw relevant insights by the team of developers and designers. Further, this data plays a big role to deliver user-centric experience. 

AI also works with chatbots to address and resolve specified user problems. These intelligent conversational bots (chatbots) are handling conversations with the users wonderfully and it had been predicted that they will be handling most of the customer interactions by 2025. 

Many mobile apps fail because they lack in terms of conceptions and ideas. And, they also lack user engagement. AI comes as a savior here as it keeps on evaluating behavioral patterns and user preferences. This communicates with the users time-to-time and with the best resolutions. So, the users stay engaged and tuned to the application.

Machine learning on smartphones 

You must be having apps like Gmail, Google Photos, Uber,  Dominos, and more on your phone. If yes, then you are already experiencing the advantages of AI

You can understand it with an example. Suppose, you are typing an email, and your cursor is running with an auto-complete option. Buddy! It is federated learning, an active player of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

The applications of our daily usage, powered by machine learning, include text, photos, audio, and more. And, the list is growing in numbers day by day. 

Speech recognition 

You must have experienced saying OK Google. And, it recognized your query and answered it. In the last, we all have said this line that when that day will come when we utter a word and search results will be in front of us.

Which functionality do the mobile app developers use to make an app work with speech recognition? They simply use speech recognition API to make an app work like this. These days, voice and face biometric are rapidly being used in business agencies to protect sensitive information. 

Amazon’s Alexa is playing a big role

No one can beat Amazon when it comes to voice-controlled assistants. Amazon stood itself ahead in the competition by flowing in Google’s strides. Currently, Amazon’s Alexa has already been integrated with a wide list of products that include smart appliances. 

The reason behind its huge success is that it enhanced user experience by reducing different pain points of the users. The beauty is that some devices ask from their end that what they can do for you? 

Google Home has earned all the glitters in contextual and predictive computing. Do you want to know why? It got an upper hand as it owns a mind-blowing team of the most talented mobile application developers who keep appearing with the most stunning inventions each day!

Object detection 

Artificial intelligence researchers gave top priority to computer vision. We, humans, took many years to recognize objects and when a computer views an image (it is an array of data provided to it), this renders the images pixel by pixel. 

How do the computers infer objects within videos and images? The answer is with properly labeled data. For instance, if you want it to recognize dogs then you will have to offer a number of dog photos. 

So, how do you think that an app switches off the appliances or your door auto shuts or opens? It is with an object detection feature in your mobile app. Yes, it turns to be that much simple with a mobile app powered by AI features. 

Contextualization and localization 

For mobile apps, artificial intelligence offers a more context-driven and localized user experience. 

Algorithms based on AI senses the location of the users along with various crucial aspects. It can comprehend user contexts on an individual basis and offer better and user-centric recommendations. 

Powered by location sensors, AI helps mobile applications to render more localized user experience. 

AI in the Education 

Are you aware of Google’s Bolo app? You must be!

This is a leading app to strengthen literacy rates across the world. 

This app uses speech recognition to offer to tutor to readers studying all levels. 

Right from its launch, it showed good results. The students who studied using it showed better proficiency in their reading that too within 3 months. 

Bolo also deploys gamification techniques to help students to earn badges and keep them engaged for the entire learning process. 

Wrapping Up 

These were some examples where AI technology has proved useful. Undoubtedly, AI has covered a long way so far and it is the present and the future technology in the mobile app development arena after delivering proven results in different sectors. 

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