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India’s leading voice over marketplace voyzapp.com announces winner of the “Voice of the Podcast - 2020” contest

Voyzapp is the first of its kind technology-powered platform to offer quick, cost-effective, and reliable voice recording services through thousands of professional voice over artists.

Owing to the growing popularity of audio/video content in India, the demand for voice-overs is at an all-time high! Because of the fact that audio content is the easiest to comprehend and has a lasting impression, all brands are incorporating it in their marketing strategy, thus creating an enormous demand for voice-overs recording in India.


The core of the voice over industry is its voice over artists. While being a voice actor can be fun, creative, and rewarding, it has not been a pleasant ride for these artists over the last few decades. Tight competition, delay in payments, chasing agencies for auditions and the involvement of numerous middlemen have hampered the growth of aspiring voice-over artists who want to build a long sustainable career loaded with lucrative financial rewards and personal satisfaction.

But the era of ‘technology’ has opened multiple horizons both for the industry and their soul, the artists! The cumbersome process of finding a voice over artist and getting voice over recording done has finally reached an end through Voyzapp which is the first of its kind technology-powered platform to offer quick, cost-effective, and reliable voice recording services through thousands of professional voice over artists. Voyzapp is an online marketplace for voice-overs where aspiring artists can upload their voice demos, free of cost and potential clients can access talented artists according to their requirements.


Due to the impact of the pandemic, the voice industry has suffered a massive hit and with most of the auditions canceled, the voice artists are also juggling to find new projects. To re-ignite the spark among artists and provide them with exciting voice-over opportunities, Voyzapp had recently announced the “Podcast Narration Contest” for all the voice talents. Out of the multitude of voice demos received, the team has today announced Amit as the winner of this competition. Amit’s journey as a voice-over artist began with a fierce passion for audios and he has lent his energetic tone to projects in virtually every industry.


“I really enjoy the streamlined process of working with Voyzapp. Being able to move from project to project with ease is what really makes growth possible. What I like about Voyzapp is that you don’t have to worry about payment. The escrow system makes sure the money is there waiting for you once you complete a project. This makes the whole process smoother.” says Amit. With over a decade of experience and a true passion for the art of voice over, Amit is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. As a winner of the Podcast voice over the contest, he envisions securing more voice over projects with Voyzapp in the future that will challenge and enhance him as an artist.


“By providing new voice-over opportunities through such contests, Voyzapp aims to empower the voice artists to showcase their voices to the world. The platform streamlines the voice over service industry by bringing voice-over artists across different languages, ages, genres on one digital platform, enabling them to provide the best voice over services to the customers. The motive of Voyzapp is excellent customer satisfaction and hassle-free job flow for voice over artists.” says the founder Sourav Jandial while thanking all contest participants and wishing them luck.

The tech-enabled portal focuses on solving some of the major issues faced in the conventional voice-over service industry – fewer choices of voices for the client, higher costs because of multiple intermediaries involved, and slow delivery time because of delayed coordination among middle-men. As a customer looking for quality voice over recording services in multiple languages, one can simply log in to voyzapp.com and search for the required voice talent. The website offers extensive search criteria through language, genre, gender and age and one can simply customize the search based on these filters. The customer can then compare prices and delivery times of various voice actors and choose the one that fits in his project, and hire the voice artist instantly!

Also, the unique ‘Escrow’ payment mechanism ascertains complete peace of mind for both the user and the artists. The payment model ensures that the payment is held securely in escrow and is released to the artist only once the user marks a recording as satisfied.

Given the immense voice talent in India and the world, Voyzapp is helping to increase the visibility and reach of both the budding and pro voice artists while ensuring that the customers have umpteen choices while they pick up the voice for their project!

About the Company:

Voyzapp is a leading online voice-over marketplace that offers professional voice over recording services through its vast network of voice actors. The platform hosts thousands of voice artists working in multiple languages and categories and enhances the productivity and efficiency for voice recording services. This technology powered platform enables search for your preferred voice, listen to voice demos, review the artists’ profile, compare prices and delivery times, and hire artists instantly and at affordable prices.

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