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Samsung Air cleaner, if you are looking for an appliance that will keep you cool in the time of and humid summer at your affordable price, then an air conditioner is the ideal choice for you.

Samsung Air cleaner, if you are looking for an appliance that will keep you cool in the time of and humid summer at your affordable price, then an air conditioner is the ideal choice for you. Unlike air conditioners, it absorbs minimum electrical power and gives cold air naturally.

Among the several brands of air conditioner, Samsung is among the popular in the appliances market. Recently they've launched dessert air conditioner.


One of those key features of this item is durability. AC price in BD will ready to serve you for a long time. With enormous water storage capacity, it has a large ice room, which may hold up to 30 pieces of cubes. Additionally, this product has an exceptional cooling capacity with reduced power consumption.


This is a noise appliance. Its plastics body does create huge noise due to having a plastic pad in the mechanism. This is a big size hefty weight appliance with no brakes at the bottom to move. Also, as unlike other contemporary versions of the air conditioner, it doesn't have remote management. Thus you have to control the function.


As a dessert model of air conditioner, inverter ac has the entire feature to keep your room cool in warm, humid summer. At precisely the same time cost of this product is also reasonable. Thus you may have this product on your selection list.

Layout and Outlook

This is a white color dessert version of Samsung. This box shape version has made from plastics substances that have made this product durable and good looking. On the peak of the ideal corner, labs are given for smooth operating. Additionally, this product has a round shape fan, and the base of the version has ice storing space. Though this product has common characteristics but well enough to help keep you big space cool throughout the time of humid and hot summer. According to the dimension, this product does not consume maximum distance.

Cooling Features and water storage capability

The method of an air cooling system is supplying cold air using a cooling pad, which can be kept cool by providing water. As it's a dessert air purifier version, its water storage capacity and water projecting and delivering power are high than other versions. You can save 50 gallons of water at a time in the water tank.

This Samsung Air conditioner can deliver 2550 M3/hr. In addition to its powerful 1400 R.P.M engine, the water atmosphere can through the air around 35-40 ft. these attributes are good enough to keep your distance cool in the time of hot and humid summer.

Electric Features

When you are likely to use an appliance for an extended time, then the power intake ratio does issue. In the event of an air conditioner, you can stay strain-free. Unlike an air conditioner, the air conditioner does not use a compressor to create a relaxed atmosphere. The air conditioner is generally drawn outside air to the cooler with a fan's assistance where it moves through the cooling pads. The flow of water takes areas within these cooling pads. A pump is used to deliver the water on the top of the cooling pads and then flow down through the places.

Moreover, you do not require any powerful electricity distribution line. You can run Samsung air conditioner price in Bangladesh with the standard voltage of 220 V to 230V and absorb 190-volt power only. Therefore you may remain tension free in the event of an electricity bill at the end of the month.

Smart Characteristics

Modern day's Appliances have been providing some innovative features that have made this item more attractive and user-friendly. Midea ac price in Bangladesh was providing the following attributes.

Mosquito Net/Dust Filter: this item is healthy too. Dust filtering options work as an insect killer; therefore, this product has supplied healthy and fresh air.

Ice Chamber: This chamber is very beneficial in the time of intensely hot weather. It is possible to put more than 30 ice blocks at a time.

Fragrance Room: Among the interesting characteristics of the product is the Fragrance chamber. This attribute is extremely active at the time of humid weather. At that time, the weather eventually becomes wet to generate some little, which is not good. In that case, the Fragrance room provides fragrance and makes the weather joyful.

Water Heater & level indicator: water level indicator will inform you more about the available water.

Large fan Size: Air throwing ability is mainly dependent on fan size. Sixteen inches enthusiast was utilized at the Samsung Air conditioner model. Because of owning a massive dimensions fan, this item can create maximum rate and power through the air at long distances.

Eco Friendly: Regardless of shutting windows and doors, it is possible to use this appliance in the open space. According to the study, it will give you a more pleasant environment and give you natural feelings.

Availability And cost: although this brand is famous in the South Asian market, you might not face difficulty getting this brand model of air cool in your nearest home and kitchen appliances marketplace.

In the case of cost, this Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh has an affordable budget. You can easily have this product.

In closing, According to the real consumer's available features and view, this item is a durable and robust home appliance at an affordable price.

Suppose you are only searching for an appliance that doesn't have extraordinary features but significant enough to keep you cool in the time of humid and hot summer. In that case, Samsung Air Conditioning is the right choice.

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