What Has Changed in The Last 20 Years of Orthodontics?

Some parents these days are thinking twice before receiving services from an orthodontist because of their own horror stories when they were younger.

Some parents these days are thinking twice before receiving services from an orthodontist because of their own horror stories when they were younger. Though a lot has changed in orthodontics in Calgary over the last 20 years, there are still some people who do not know about these positive changes hence why they are scared to get treatment. 

To put your mind at ease, here is a list of all the wonderful developments in orthodontics that is sure to make you achieve the gorgeous smile that you have been wanting. 


Many of us have gone through adjustments and during these times the braces hurt a lot. The discomfort is so terrible that some of us had to skip school whenever we had our wires adjusted. Not to mention that brackets were larger before. Nowadays, metal brackets are more comfortable and smaller, and adjustments are made more frequently to ease the pain that we supposedly feel monthly.

Because of the advancement in technology, people are now able to wear braces more comfortably without the risk of gum damage. With this method, there is reduced friction along with a streamlined design that all ages can wear with ease.

Faster Results 

Remember wearing braces for an extremely long period of time? Do you recall spending most of your senior year in high school getting embarrassed and insecure because of braces? Now, orthodontists in Calgary offer speedier results. The recent advances in the field of orthodontics ensure that patients no longer need to wear braces for a very long.

These days, wires are made of heat-activated materials that move automatically when they come in contact with the heat from your mouth. This means that aside from your monthly adjustment, your braces also gradually move when they need to. Thus, shortening the time that you need to wear them which is very beneficial for most people who do not really want to be wearing braces for a very long time. 


Years before, braces used to look like there is a ton of metal jam-packed in a person’s mouth. Today, materials used for braces range from small metal brackets which are not so blindingly gleaming to clear ones that take only a little bit of effort to maintain.

Clear ceramic braces, which are one of the most popular forms of braces these days, are made from translucent material that isn’t obvious at all. Some people who don’t want braces at the front of their teeth may choose lingual braces that are attached at the back of the teeth. This is a great option for people who want to be discreet about wearing braces. 


One of the more daunting tasks of people who wear braces is the process of cleaning them. Before, people had to get their braces and teeth cleaned because it was difficult to deep clean them at home given the big metal brackets and thick wires. Nowadays, because self-litigating braces do not have any elastics, you no longer need to limit yourself with options for personal dental care. You can still use dental floss when you have these kinds of braces installed. 

Also, because the materials used for braces now are very durable, you do not need to be so keen on the food that you eat anymore. You will not be obliged to follow food restrictions anymore. 

Perks of Technology

In our present situation, patients are very keen with how they look like after treatment. Because of how advanced technology is, patients are now able to digitally see what they will look like post treatment. This is a feature that most orthodontists in Calgary have because the main point of getting braces is for aesthetics. So being able to view how a patient’s smile will look like after a few months of wearing braces is a big help because it puts so many minds at ease. 

That being said, when looking for the best orthodontist in Calgary, it pays to check specific information such as how long they have been in the industry for and what changes they have adapted in their clinic. No one would want to be handled by an orthodontist who has not evolved or developed a mastery of the craft for years. At first, you may think that the prices of these developments would hurt your budget but the benefits are worth it. Imagine never having to go back to the orthodontist again after one set of braces – that is the comfort you deserve right there.



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