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4 Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Variable Frequency Drive

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) have been used to rheostat the rapidity of three-phase irregular current (AC) induction motors.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) have been used to rheostat the rapidity of three-phase irregular current (AC) induction motors. They also deliver adjustable acceleration and deceleration; overload defense and start-stop control of motors. These and other structures make VFDs a decent choice for fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps, mixers, agitators, and conveyors – which need adjustable horsepower and torque.

It converts single- or three-phase AC input power to direct current (DC), and at that time cap size it back to three-phase AC output power. It is ideal to find a reliable variable frequency drive manufacturer for buying the best quality product for your industry. Below, I’m going to share some important things that you should consider when adding a VFD to your system.

Speed Range

All motors are particularly designed to function at a certain speed. If they are considered to function on a VFD at convinced speed ratios, those will be recorded on the nameplate of that motor. Each of the motors has been verified by the manufacturer and are then name plated to be suitable for use. If a machine does not have sure ratios on the nameplate, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work. You may just want to deliberate if it is considered to function that a dissimilar speed or not.

Critical Speed

Contingent on the speed you want to function your motor for your submission, you have to deliberate several critical speed design points within the motor speed range. When the motor drives up to rapidity it has numerous resonant speeds/frequencies based on its exclusive construction and mechanical design. This is vital to consider when believing out which speed range you want to function in while using a VFD.


When you are altering the speed, cooling the motor is an imperative feature as you don't want it to get too hot. Most motors have interior and/or exterior cooling fans that are the key cooling points for the motor. If the fans are not functioning at the considered speed of the motor, it may source the motor to run warmer than it should.

Inverter Duty Wire

The winding must be cloistered suitable for inverter duty (or VFD operation). Superior wadding is compulsory to defend the motor from inverter type swapping frequency voltage spikes. The use of an appropriate wire strand and turn filling defends the motor (such as inverter duty wire considered with particularly expressed film insulation for this type of submission and drive).

How To Convert Single Phase to Three Phase Using VFD?

Using a variable frequency drive is designed for converting a single phase into three phases. VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is generally capable of converting phase power into three phase power for electric motor applications.

A VFD rectifies each pair of phases to DC and inverts the direct current to the power for the three phase output that means a variable frequency can be used with single phase input for operating a three phase motor. It is highly recommended for the users to work with the drive manufacturer in selecting and sizing the VFD for this use.

And also rather than buying an expensive single phase motor, changing the controls, and dealing with the speed control and starting torque issues, this is a good idea to use VFD for operating the existing motor from single-phase power. For many applications, a suitable variable frequency drive can be purchased for far less than the cost of rewinding a three-phase and proving the essential controls for operating it.

The added benefits are that a three phase motor is generally less expensive for buying, the controls don't require replacement or modification and the VFD has the value-added benefits of providing speed control.

These are some important things that you should consider when adding a VFD to your system. You can find a prominent variable frequency drive manufacturer for purchasing a high-quality product. 

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