Put the cardboard boxes to good use and indulge in DIY projects with your children to make playtime things for them at home.

Everyone has a lot of cardboards lying around the house. While some of them might be from the time you moved into the house, there are others just lying there because something came in them from Amazon or any other company. So, you do have cardboard boxes that are just lying there. Why not put them to good use? You can actually get creative with these boxes and do some DIY projects for home improvement or to just impress your kids. Here are a few things that you can make using cardboard box packaging.

Recycle to Make other Boxes

You can actually make new boxes out of the existing cardboard boxes in your house. This might sound a little weird to some people. Sometimes, you might need smaller boxes that the ones you have at home. In this case, you can recycle the bigger boxes and make them into smaller boxes. Then, you can use these boxes for different purposes such as storing something or packaging your gift.

To do this, you have to take cardboard box large that is present in your home. Cut out the sides and then print and template from the Internet. You just have to place the template on one of the bigger pieces and cut according. Then, simply tape or glue on the dotted lines of the template and your box will be ready. Make sure that the cardboard for box making is not too sturdy. It much be a single layer, thinner cardboard or otherwise you would not be able to bend it or make a box shape. You can also use this DIY to make a cardboard box gift purpose.

Make a Doll House

If your child does not have a doll house or a play house, you can actually put the cardboard boxes to good use and make a doll house. You can use the same method for making a small play house for your pets, such as your kitty or the dog you love so much. Making a doll house is very simple.

You just have to cut out one side of the box, which is mostly the top part. Then you place the cardboard box in a vertical shape so that you can see the inside of the box. Use the side that you have cut to make the floors for different rooms of the doll house. Just glue them into place and you will have a DIY doll, costing you absolutely nothing. To decorate the doll house, you can take small fabrics and make carpets or brown fabric for wooden flooring. The kids would love it and you would have something to do for killing your free time. If you are using cardboard box printing, then you can also write your child’s name on the cardboard such as ‘Ella’s Doll House’.


Did you know you can actually make a bag out of cardboard box? It might sound impossible but it is true. For this, you have to take a cardboard that is not too thick. Make a bag shape from the cardboard by pulling up the sides and once it looks like a bucket bag, you can now add the handle. To make the handle, take a string and add beads to it. Then, glue the handle to both sides of the box and let the glue dry for some time. You have a bag ready that you can give to your kids for their play time. If you are using a cardboard box with handle, you can just decorate or customize the handle that is already present.

Playhouse for Pets

Using cardboard boxes that are in excess in your home, you can also make a playhouse for your kitten. Use the cardboard box for cats and put all their toys in one place. For this, you just have to place the cardboard and cut off one side. To decorate the playhouse, you can also paint the cardboard box in one color of your choice. Put all of your cat’s favorite things or toys in the play house. You can also put here bowl outside the play house so that she knows this is her place.

Bed for Fluff Toy

If your kid has a fluff toy that he or she loves, then they would also love it if you could make a bed for the fluff today. For this, you will need a cardboard boxes. The lid can be used as the base of the bed and then you can use the rest of the card board box to make the sides of the bed. Use a small piece of fabric for making the bedding and sew tiny cushions at home for making the pillows. Before you start this project, make sure that you have the cardboard size which will be big enough for the fluff toy.

Gas Pump

Some kids just love to play with cars so why not make them a gas pump out of a cardboard box. This is very easy as you do not have to cut the box. For this, just use a picture from the Internet as a reference and paint the cardboard box to make it look like a gas pump. For the actual pump, you can stick the spray of any spray bottle and stick it to the side of the cardboard. Your kids will love you for this.

So, there is a lot that you can do with cardboard boxes. If you have extra ones lying around the house, do not throw them away as they can be recycled.



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