LED Shoebox Lighting Solution

How to Choose the Right LED Shoebox Lighting Solution for your Parking Lot?

LED lights are a smart solution for all property owners these days. All commercial property owners should be considering converting their existing lights to LEDs for better lightning solutions, especially parking lots.

LED lights are a smart solution for all property owners these days. All commercial property owners should be considering converting their existing lights to LEDs for better lightning solutions, especially parking lots. Due to LEDs' various advantages over traditional lighting, it has become a popular and smart choice for parking lot lighting.

Parking lot lights are exposed to the elements and harsh conditions. They require regular maintenance to ensure that the parking lot supports a safe experience for pedestrians and drivers.

One of the significant benefits of switching to LEDs lights from traditional lighting is energy consumption, but that's not the only benefit. Unlike other lights, LED lights do not emit UV rays, which are harmful to the environment.

The LED lights will provide a safe experience and ensure a bug-free parking lot and a pleasant pedestrian experience. Another advantage of using LED lights over is that it is more durable than other types of bulbs.

Because of the durability, there will be lesser maintenance requirements. Thus, switching from traditional lights to LED parking light makes so much sense.

What are the benefits of using LED shoebox lights for your parking area lighting? 

There are multiple benefits of using LED shoebox lights for your parking area, and we are going to focus on some of these benefits. Let's begin!

  1. Energy consumption

Led lights to use up to 75% less energy than other lights and bulbs while generating high-quality light. The average LED parking lights to range from 65 to 400 while the other traditional parking lights range from 400 to 1000 watts.

The lesser energy consumption doesn't just save the costs but also benefits the environment. Thus, using LED shoebox lighting for the parking area will have two-fold benefits- the lesser charges and the ground's effect.  

  1. Lower maintenance costs

Because of LED lights' durability and long lifespan, the output decreases gradually, which means that you will not have to change your parking lot lights for several years.

Other types of lighting require more maintenance than the LED lights because they require more frequent replacements. However, that's not the case with LED lights and therefore, using LED lights for the parking lot is a smart choice.

  1. Increased safety

The LED bulbs save energy and maintenance costs and provide a safe parking environment for the drivers. A dimly lit parking lot might result in theft or even injuries, but you can avoid these accidents with the right lighting. Therefore, using LED lights is going to be safe for everyone.

These were some of the notable benefits of LED shoebox lights. These benefits tell us that investing in LED lights is smart for safe and high-quality lighting in the parking area.

Using high-quality lights from trusted manufactures will benefit you in the long run. Rays Lighting INC is known for manufacturing high quality LED lights to brighten up your parking lots and other property like nothing else.

We believe in quality and durability and make sure to provide best-LED lighting solutions. We are the one-stop solution for all your lighting-related needs.

How to choose the right LED lights for your parking lot?

We will share a few tips to choose the right LED shoebox lights for brightening up the parking lot. The tips will help you select the lighting solution that will benefit you for a long time.

  1. Consider the uniformity of the LED lights

It's essential to look into the light's uniformity while choosing the LED lights for the parking lot or metal halide LED street lighting. The uniformity of the light is impactful for areas that require high visibility, like parking lots. The uniformity ratio should be around 3:1.


  1. Look for the LED lights having high efficiency

While choosing the LED lights, look for efficiency. Many people select LED lighting solutions that cost less, but those solutions might not be efficient enough.

In LED lights, better features and more outstanding durability cost a little more, but investing it in will ultimately benefit you—the greater the durability, the greater the lights' lifespan. Thus, while shopping the LED shoebox lights, consider the efficiency and not the cost.


  1. Choose the right color of the LED lights

When installing the   LED light, you must choose the right color of the lights and high quality. To provide the drivers' best parking experience, select the bright white color, which is the perfect color for parking lot lighting.

The LED lights by Rayz lighting INC. are easier on the eyes with crystal clear and bright light. 


  1. Pay attention to the security

LED shoebox light is a smart choice of lighting solutions for places such as parking lots. While purchasing the LED lights, you must pay attention to the security status of the lights.

You must look if the LED lights' power cord meets the safety standards and whether the quality of the lights is up to mark. One must watch out for these security measures before finalizing the LED lights.


These were some of the tips you can use to choose the right LED shoebox for bright and clear lighting solutions. Are you thinking of installing lights for your parking lot? If yes, don't think twice, install LED shoebox lights, and provide the driver's and pedestrians' best lighting experience.

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