Want to Use Anti-aging Medicines? Clear Some Myths First

Today, people want quick and effective results; therefore, they don’t hesitate to experiment. Especially, people who are tired of their dull and wrinkly skin—want to rejuvenate it immediately.

Today, people want quick and effective results; therefore, they don’t hesitate to experiment. Especially, people who are tired of their dull and wrinkly skin—want to rejuvenate it immediately. 

Nowadays, various anti-aging and regenerative medicines are available in the market that some people are ready to use, but many are hesitant due to various myths lurking around about these medicines. 

There are so many different myths targeting anti-aging and regenerative medicine available in the market, which you need to clarify before undergoing anti-aging treatment. So, some of the common myths are:

Anti-aging Medicine Helps Quickly 

If you have applied some anti-aging and regenerative medicine at bedtime under your eyes or beneath your chin to get rid of blemishes and wrinkles, you can’t expect them to disappear in the morning. The anti-aging creams don't work that quickly. 

According to skincare specialists, when you switch to the new medicine, it takes at least eight weeks to induce measurable effects on your skin. Mostly, you won’t see any difference for the first few weeks. To observe some changes, you should click your naked face selfie from the day you have started using new medicine to every week later on—when you compare your pictures; you’ll definitely observe a change. 

Sunscreen Isn’t Important

If you are wondering what the best anti-aging and regenerative medicine are, that would be sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen is the best medicine that can protect your skin from aging—even before the early signs appear. 

Many people believe that they have to apply sunscreen only when they are spending a day under sunlight, like a beach day with family. But, even ten minutes under the sunlight is sufficient to add a few years to your skin. Therefore, you should also keep 30 SPF sunscreen in your bag, especially when you are going out between 10 am to 4 pm. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. 

Too Many Beauty Products Are Good

If you watch TV commercials for a few minutes, you’ll see so many beauty products commercials containing attractive promises. You must be tempted to try all of them, but don’t do that. 

When you expose your skin to different creams, moisturizers, and serums for long, it will inflict permanent damage to your skin like redness, itching, blackening, or, worst acne. That’s because different beauty products have different chemical formulas, which can pollute your skin. 

Thus, once you find the right skincare products as per dermatologist recommendation, you should stick to it—and don’t use different products on your skin, no matter how tempting they look. 

All DIY Skin Care Treatments Are Good 

To be honest, the formula for your rejuvenating skin isn’t available in your kitchen cabinets. If you have read a new DIY anti-aging treatment on Google, don’t use it unless you are fully confident. That’s because you never know which kitchen ingredient can work as an allergen on your skin. 

Additionally, your kitchen ingredients might contain some skincare benefits, but only when they are used in the right way. If you have no clue how to use different kitchen ingredients, you might create a bigger problem than your few face wrinkles. 

Therefore, it is good to use dermatologists recommended medicines or skincare products as they will suggest the right medicines suiting your skin’s texture and nature. 

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