How to Select Multiple Emails to Delete in Yahoo Mail?

select multiple emails to delete in yahoo mail

How to Select Multiple Emails to Delete in Yahoo Mail?

Reward Bloggers | Many of us have the same queries that “How to select multiple emails to delete in Yahoo mail?” So, in this blog, you will get different methods to delete Yahoo emails in bulk. Follow this blog thoroughly to know the procedure to delete Yahoo emails all at once.  

User Queries

“I need to free up storage space in Yahoo mail account. How can I perform this without any data loss?”

“Hey! I use Yahoo email client for some professional reasons. The storage space of my account is almost full. I don’t have time to select each and every email and then delete it. I want a method which is not time-consuming and through which I can delete Yahoo emails all at once?”

Yahoo email application is one of the most popular email services. Yahoo Mail service is fast and free to use service, it provides 1TB of storage which is not enough for the one who uses Yahoo mail for a work-related purpose. Some people use Yahoo email client for their personal reasons also. Users who use the Yahoo application on daily basis need to free up space in their Yahoo account by regularly deleting all the Yahoo emails. But Yahoo does not provide any effective way to delete Yahoo emails in bulk.


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Why delete emails from Yahoo Account?

In today’s world, nothing is safe. But, we know that cyber-attacks, ransomware, hacking, etc. are common nowadays. Hackers use the latest technology [like spoofing, key logger] to attack Yahoo accounts. So, to save confidential and important data online is not at all safe. So, many users create a copy of the data and delete the data from the servers.


How to select multiple emails to delete in yahoo mail?

Yahoo email application provides a feature to delete the Yahoo mails. Users can delete 50,100 or a maximum of 500 emails in one go.            


Method 1 – Users can select the emails one by one by clicking on the check box near the sender’s name and after this, he should click on the “Delete” button to erase all of them. But, by doing this all the emails will be moved to the “Trash” folder in the account only.

Method 2 - Alternate option, user can choose the “Select All” option and then click on the “Delete” button.


The procedure is not completed yet, the emails are deleted from the Yahoo “Inbox” folder. But, it will be retained in the “Trash” folder. Users need to delete all the emails from the “Trash” folder as well to secure it from criminal acts. But this deletion will not be a 100% success.


Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • Time-consuming and a very lengthy method.
  • Users cannot delete above 500 emails in one go.
  • This method is not safe.
  • Chances of permanent data loss.


Note: - We have discussed the procedure of the manual method to delete yahoo emails in bulk and its drawbacks too. So, to overcome all the limitations of the manual method user can use the Automated Solution by using Mailbakup Yahoo Backup Tool to delete yahoo emails all at once which we will mention below.


Automated Solution to Select Multiple Emails to Delete in Yahoo Mail

  • Download and Install the Yahoo backup tool.
  • Add credentials of Yahoo account and login.
  • Now, select a file format to archive Yahoo Mails.
  • Turn on the “Delete after Download” option and browse a location to save emails.
  • Click on the “Start” button to save all emails locally and to delete all emails from the yahoo account.


Advanced Feature of Yahoo Backup Software

  • Backup all the Yahoo emails in multiple file formats like EML, MSG, PST, MBOX, PDF, etc.
  • Helps to save Emails locally in the computer, hard drive, etc.
  • Provides an option to sort emails by date by applying the email filter by date feature
  • Users can also save the attachments with the emails.
  • Maintains the folder structure hierarchy
  • Gives the user an incremental backup option.
  • Installation of MS Outlook is not compulsory.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and all the latest versions.
  • The software supports working in multiple languages like English, Spanish, and Russian, etc.


Summing Up

In the above blog, we have discussed the different methods to select multiple emails to delete in yahoo mail. Users can use the manual method to delete yahoo emails all at once. But, we know that this method has some limitations. So, to avoid those drawbacks, users can use the third-party tool i.e. Mailbakup Yahoo Backup Software. It is a reliable and safe way to delete yahoo emails in bulk.

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