Best Tips To Lower Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol level

Best Tips To Lower Cholesterol Level

How To Lower Cholesterol  level ? Some People have High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and some people have Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL).

Cholesterol Level Disturbance has become a major problem in today’s senerio . Cholesterol is a fat substance available in the human body. It is needed to some amount for the smooth functioning of our internal system and to produce cell walls. Major volume of cholesterol is self-produced by our liver in the body and rest volume is available there in our food that we intake every day. Although, cholesterol is essential for our body but excess of it is very dangerous. And in this article we will discuss how to lower cholesterol level. Increased level of cholesterol substance in our body can increase the risk of health illness. It can be a strongest cause for heart diseases and unnatural heart strokes. Lipoproteins are the sources of carrying the cholesterol in the blood. There are mainly two types of lipoproteins in the body.

  • High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)
  • Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)

High density lipoprotein in the body is very helpful in channelizing the functions properly but increase in the low density lipoprotein can be very harmful and can result in heart diseases. Therefore, it is very important to have right control over the low density lipoprotein. There are several ways to keep control over it.

What to do for lower cholesterol level:

Know your cholesterol level – It is very important for all of us to know our cholesterol level. And for that we can always go through a test. Cholesterol is tested through blood test along with other medical tests like diabetes test, HIV test, Sugar test etc. Without knowing about it we cannot do anything and most of the times when we encounter with any heat disease caused by cholesterol increased level we are not aware of it in the past.  

Visit your doctor – Whenever you find any symptoms of increase in cholesterol it is always better to visit your doctor without wasting time. Advice of a doctor or any professional medical practitioner is recommended. Doctor can prescribe you the right treatment or medicine for the condition.

Healthy food – Although we should always have fresh and healthy food 3 times a day. Because healthy food keeps our stomach healthy. But, it is advisable that as soon as you find the bad cholesterol condition in your body, you must start eating healthy food all the time and avoid the junk food and unhealthy stuff. Eating Healthy food helps a lot to lower Cholesterol level.  

Exercise – To keep yourself fit and fine and to lower Cholesterol level you should always practice some physical exercises in a day. Gym workout it intense workout so for better results you can opt for it. But otherwise regular walk, jogging and running can also do wonders. There are certain indoor exercises you can do at home to keep yourself healthy. You can perform core exercises, skipping, dancing, push-ups etc.  

Eat Fish – It is recommended to the people with increased cholesterol level to eat mackerel and salmon fish twice a week to lower Cholesterol level. As it has fatty acid to control it better. Fish is also good for health, for hair quality and for eyes. 

Fruits & Vegetables – Always have fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning. Fruits and green vegetables are the great source of protein, vitamins, iron, and carbohydrate. Seasonal fruits are fun eating and are very tasty too. But there are some fruits which are always available in the year and they have super benefits for humans and to lower Cholesterol level.

Find Peace - It is very important for all of us as a human being to have peace in life, because when we are depressed and stressed we always try to have something unhealthy and junky. And continuous intake of these junk foods can do disaster inside our body. So, try out everything or anything which provide you peace to lower Cholesterol level.

What to Avoid To lower Cholesterol level:

There are certain things which you should avoid to lower Cholesterol level in your body. And to keep you fit.

Avoid Oil – It is advised that don’t eat food with lots of oil or things made of coconut oil or any other extra virgin oil. As it can increase the level of cholesterol in your body and it can increase the cell walls in your body. This can cause the easy flow of blood in your body.

Stop Smoking – Smoking is injurious to health we all are aware of it. But still many people do smoke just to satisfy their thirst for drugs or sort of things. But do we know that it doesn’t only harm our kidneys but it also increases the level of cholesterol in our body and that can lead to heart failure.  

Avoid Eating Junk Food – Junk food is in trend because of it’s immense variety in taste and texture. It is also very easily available in the market and best part of it is that it can be cooked in a short time. But it is totally unhealthy and very spicy. Intake of this type of food regularly can result in increase of cholesterol in the body and that is also in a very high volume. So always avoid Junk food. Although, it is not even hygienic.

Don’t Take Doctor’s Advice for Granted – Never ignore advice from a doctor. If he has recommended you something then you must follow the routine as it is. Because avoidance on the health issues can lead to the extreme bad results. Which nobody wants to experience in life. So, it is very crucial to understand doctor’s prescription.

Don’t Miss Breakfast – Morning meal is vital for our human body. And having a heavy and healthy breakfast in the morning is also necessary because it channelizes our day functions. And the food we have in the morning is always optimized by the body. But if you skip your breakfast regularly it may end up with the scarcity of essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber, iron, calcium etc. Hence, never miss your breakfast ever.

Increased level of cholesterol can increase the chances of heart failure and sometimes it can result in unnatural heart strokes. It is always better to prevent our body from bad diseases than curing it later with long durational treatments. Never take risks always stay healthy and fit.  


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