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2 Ways to Keep Your Business On Brand and Looking Good

There are many moving parts to consider when you're running a business. While it's easy to focus on sales, marketing, and finance departments, it's also essential to consider the physical plant.

If you're operating a brick-and-mortar store, you'll want customers to come in and spend. If your office building is primarily for your employees and client meetings, it's vital to foster a space that promotes productivity and focus. Implement the following two strategies to keep your business tidy and looking good.


Good looks are part of your brand

Maintaining a consistent brand image includes a tangible image; it merely helps your customers position your business in their mind and gives them a physical location to find your services. Having a nice well-groomed space makes it easier for your customers to keep you at their top of mind and connect your brand and your business needs. Just make sure you use your current office photos in your printed materials; always include your logo in your customer communications in a way that will stay with you. And If you need more in-depth branding, make sure you get in contact with a top tier agency that can help you rest.

1. Hire Professionals

A janitorial service is essential when you’re maintaining a physical plant. The main reason for a janitorial service is that they’ll have the necessary tools and resources to clean and sanitize a space for public consumption effectively. Plus, it takes a specific load off of your plate. As the business owner, it’s only sustainable if you’re not doing everything in the office.


Specific standards of cleanliness apply to certain types of businesses. If you’re running a restaurant, specific cleanliness protocols must remain up to the state’s code. These standards will be different for a small repair shop. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not essential to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. People will remember how they felt when they entered the doors of your business. For someone who cares about the way the floorboards look, they’ll remember if your floorboards haven’t been cleaned in weeks. Hiring a janitorial service will eliminate the possibility of missed details like dirty floorboards.


Remember to factor in the fact that the look of your office matters. If surfaces and areas are difficult to clean or look dated, it’s easier for your business to look old, dingy, and ugly. Take a look at the exterior as well as the interior. If your parking lot or sidewalks are cracked and unkempt, it’s time to hire a service provider specializing in concrete repair Dallas TX. Do a walk-through of the building weekly to pay attention to any issues before they become massive problems. The sooner you catch an issue like mold, the more comfortable (and less expensive) it is to solve.

2. Imbed Cleanliness, Beauty, and Aesthetics into the Workplace Culture

Within the workplace culture, encourage employees to be vigilant about taking care of the physical plant in simple ways. Throwing items in the trash, cleaning up the workspace when they're finished using it, and cleaning up their spills are just a few of the best ways to encourage cleanliness. As soon as you hire a new employee and they see the way you and your team maintain the beauty of the workspace, they'll feel that same sense of responsibility to keep their work area tidy as well. Besides, most people don't want to feel like the odd man out in a situation.


In addition to encouraging cleanliness at individual workstations, become thoughtful about the office’s aesthetics and interior design aspect. When employees see that you've been intentional about how the office looks to cater to their comfort and productivity, you're creating a safe space for your employees to thrive under your leadership. It's okay to pay attention to interior design trends to know what other workplaces are doing to remain stylish. If you've ever seen companies like Facebook and Google’s interior design elements, you'll see a great deal of time, money, and other resources that go into the effort. Keeping the place clean is just the basic principle. These companies also go above and beyond to make sure the office buildings look fun, inviting, and creative.


While you might not have the same budget as these massive companies, you can still partner with your team to find out about what they'd like to see in the office. Whether it's a self-serve, fully-stocked coffee and candy bar, or a mini-gym room, develop a workplace culture that makes your employees excited and ready to get to work.


When it pertains to business, aesthetics matter, this isn't just a concept for your digital platform. If an office looks good and feels inviting, your employees will feel better about entering the space to focus and get work done. As you work on incorporating these tips into your workplace regimen, it'll be much easier to maintain instead of starting from scratch effectively.


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