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How much does it cost to develop an app like Zomoto for your on-demand food delivery app business?

The convenience of ordering favorite food from the fingertips has attracted the millennial generation. Although the sector has intense competition, there is a huge demand for on-demand food delivery apps. Ever since the advent of food delivery apps, enthusiastic entrepreneurs have always had an eye on the sector. As a result of this, most entrepreneurs have started to launch their platform to explore the market’s potential. If you are an entrepreneur with similar plans, this article is for you as it explores the various factors that influence the overall development cost.

Critical factors that influence the cost of developing an app like Zomato:

Since the Zomato clone app will serve as a dual-purpose app in which the users can search for restaurants and place food orders on it. Hence, it takes a heavy toll on the development team to create a complex app rather than building an app with simple functionalities. However, it is not possible to come up with the exact cost of development beforehand as it has the involvement of several factors. The following key factors can help you to arrive at a rough estimate of the overall cost of developing the app.  

The magnitude of your app:

The more number of features and functionalities that you choose to integrate into your app determines the size of your app. Most experts would recommend that budding entrepreneurs should get started with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It should be launched with limited features and functionalities initially. Based on the user feedback, behavior, and demands, the app can be updated later. This is an effective strategy to launch an app successfully and build a loyal customer base. 

The interface of the app:

Its user-friendly design and minimalism interface hugely influence the popularity of apps in the market. Ensure that your development team uses advanced technological tools in the current market to gain a competitive edge over your rivals. Your app’s user interface will be the first thing that will get noticed, and so ensure that your platform is loaded with useful features.

Mobile platforms:

Decide the mobile platform for your application based on the target audience. Research the market before kickstarting your app development process. Learn more about the requirements of your audiences, expectations, and usage patterns. You should also have an overview of your competitors’ platform and analyze the drawbacks in their services’ liabilities to have the upper hand.

Development team:

Building an app like Zomato is not a cup of tea as it takes a lot of effort and skills. To get a fully-functional app that is loaded with all the necessary features and a secure payment gateway is the dream of every budding entrepreneur in this niche. Ensure that you hire an experienced development team that houses innovative minds to work on your project. Entrepreneurs can also outsource the project to get it quickly done. 


Apart from the factors above, the app’s features play a significant role in determining the overall cost. They can directly impact the cost of developing your app. Here are some of the essential features that shouldn’t be missed.


The users should register their account before starting to use the services on the platform. They can register their account with their phone number or email address. You can also consider integrating social media plugins to make the registration process more comfortable as the users can log in with their Facebook and Google accounts.  

Search filters:

Search filters are essential for on-demand food delivery apps as the customers should be able to find tier favorite dishes and restaurants. They can also use the filters to get refined search results.

Create a user profile:

 Every stakeholder in this business can create user profiles on their respective apps. They can view and edit the information anytime from the app.

Track your order:

The real-time tracking feature is a must-have feature on food delivery apps as it enables people to keep track of their delivery executive. The customers will also receive regular updates on their orders at various stages.

Commission management system:

The app’s in-built commission management system makes it easier to track the transactions on the platform. The admin can also use this feature to categorize pending and processed commission fees.

Push notifications:

 Push notifications can be an effective way to keep the users informed about discounts, promotions, offers, and updates. The users will get regular notifications on the status of their orders.

Bottom line:

Taking a leap into the on-demand food delivery sector can be quite challenging, but being armed with the perfect app like zomato will make it easier than ever before. With innovative features and intuitive functionalities, customers can place their orders seamlessly.

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