Keyword Density Seo for Google in 2019

Keyword Density Seo

Keyword Density Seo for Google in 2019

How to improve keywords density in 2019 in your website?

Keyword Density tracking is among the most essential services which is to be included in an SEO package, Fair enough! But, so is keyword stuffing the exact opposite of it. If greed is taken over of adding as many keywords as possible to the content created in order to get maximum traffic then, there stands an obligation to it. Sooner or later, Google picks on all such sites and charges them of a penalty of hefty keywords stuffing. Hence, as Google is absolutely stern regarding all its policies and takes definite actions, marketers try their best to avoid it.

The penalty is usually imposed if the content is merely poor with a lot of unnecessary keywords which does not imply with the content and, are used only to obtain traffic. The most leading reason which would get you a penalty would be using lots of SEO keywords, not keeping in view the grammar of the content. As a result, if an appropriate and acceptable amount of keywords are used, this would turn out to do the job of helping you obtain the desired results. That is, a natural amount of keywords are to be used which would help increase the views and also enhances the content of the page.

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Effective Keyword Research   The bridge of adding the important website keywords to the quality of the content is to be built. The right amount of keywords are to be obtained and, this can be done by research. For examples - which keywords are among the most trending and how they can be correlated to the content of your article.
Avoid Incorrect Phrases  Avoiding grammatical error helps a lot in boosting an article’s ranking in search engine. It so happens that with a massive concentration in keywords, often the sense of the article is lost. This is to be avoided with the goal to reach the target audience.
Increase the Word Count  If there is a pressure of adding a particular number of keywords then, the content of the article should be increased. Like, if there is assigned value of 20 keywords which are to be included in a content of 500 words then, you could increase the word limit to 800 words to make it better for you to create the content.
Have the Right Mindset  One should have the right intention of reaching the audience in respect to the quality of the content rather than its keywords. If you are to create an informative article then, you are likely to include the keywords naturally and not stuff them in.
Quality is the King  Quality by any means is the king. Google also emphasises a lot in the quality of the content and assigns a ranking to the sites as per the quality of the content. Hence, the prime motive of the article should be to create a unique content which would draw the attention of the audience as well as provide them with the information.

Seven Ways to Improve Keyword Density

Now, after researching the appropriate keywords and phrases, there are several procedures or techniques in which you can use them. It is done to draw the attention of the audience by increasing the ranking of your website in any search engine.

  1. Include keywords in the page’s Title - This is usually the title tag which is associated with the data namely ‘metadata’ of a site. In order to have the maximum effect on a query made, keywords are advised to be used usually anywhere around the starting of the page. As this educates the search engines about the content of the article hence, the article is more likely to be displayed on the top of the results after the evaluation of the content.
  2. Also include them in the headings – The ‘h1” heading tags are usually considered very important and hence, you must ensure to include the appropriate keyword in the heading of the content.
  3. ALT Text keywords If there has been the use of images in the web page created by you, then you should keep a point of placing keywords which are rich in the ALT text. ALT Tags are never to be spammed.
  4. Include hyperlinks of rich keywords in most of your content – It is clear within itself that keyword rich texts are to be included in the destination to be involved in the priority list of the search engines for better Inbound Linking (IBL).
  5.   The subject matter of the page is to be highlighted through the page’s URL as the search engines use this factor to display a page in its ranking.
  6. Include keywords in the main content  –  In order to be enclosed in the query results for a particular phrase or a keyword, make sure to use the same in the copy of your content. If you want to be included in a phrase category, say ‘Red Label’ category then make sure you make the use of the phrase “Red Label” in the copy of your content.
  7.  Footers rich in keywords are to be included – The footer of the site is to be included in every page to attain the attention and also make sure you include the links to the important pages.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds to control the traffic of your site and reach the more audience as well as keeping in view the policies of various search engines. But with the help of the SEO Experts and marketers and keeping in view all the above-mentioned tips and ways to get noticed, your job can be partially fulfilled. A target is to be set and all the ways of reaching the same are to be drawn and based on the detailed plan. The content is to be created which would take the audience with a surprise and also which wouldn’t get you penalised for any misconduct. After all, creating poor content and also receiving a penalty from the search engines makes no sense.

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