My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife is Beautiful

My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife is Beautiful

A time comes in everyone’s life when they regret one of their decisions and they wish to go back in the time to change or reverse their wrong decisions. Now I am at this point in my life, I did a mistake and now I regret and wish if I could change things.

I was stalking my ex-boyfriend’s social media account to see how he is doing. I was going through his photographs and realized that he is married now. It took me a few minutes to accept it. I started looking at his wife’s photos closely. She is very beautiful!

My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife is Beautiful

My relationship with Sam started on a good note and things were going quite smooth also. We used to go on dates and long drives. We used to enjoy each other’s company. In less time we developed a good bond. We got physical in between this time. He was good in bed. But things between us started to change after a few years of our relationship.

And suddenly we came at that point of our relationship when my financial needs overpowered my love for him. He was an ordinary job going to the man and was earning an average. Sam had to take care of his family and other social responsibilities. So, he used to have less money to spend on me and this irritated me because he couldn’t get me things I demanded.

My ex-boyfriend was good looking and loved me with all his loyalty. Sam supported me every time. He tried to do everything for me to keep me happy. But ignoring everything good in him and all his genuine efforts, I thought about his financial status. My parents were continuously asking me to leave Sam due to his money status.

My parents filled so many negative thoughts in my mind against him and his financial conditions that when he couldn’t fulfill my wishes, I decided to leave him. I got so influenced by my parents that nothing else came into my mind and I left. I couldn’t see his love and I left.

My ex-boyfriend did every effort to stop me but I was determined to leave him. I wanted to be with someone who could get me everything I needed. I wanted someone who could get me diamond rings and precious gifts. He was upset because his feelings for me were true. All his dreams to live with me were coming to an end.

After leaving my ex-boyfriend, my parents found a good and rich match for me and I too got married. My parents appreciated me for my decision of leaving Sam. They were happy with what I did, but I was not. I was regretting deep inside.

I left him for money and today I am married to a rich guy. My husband can get me everything, he even got me a diamond ring and my own personal car but what is the use of this marriage when there is no love between us. Everyone thinks that my husband loves me but the truth is he loves his money more than anything else.

My husband doesn’t value my feelings and doesn’t respect me like my ex-boyfriend used to. And I regret it now. I wish I could have chosen love instead of money. I wish I could have chosen Sam over my parents. But I know nothing is going to change.

Now, after going through his photos and looking at his wife, I regret my decision. If I would have valued his feelings and love for me, it could have been me on his side as his wife and not someone else. She is beautiful and happy also with Sam in his arms.

They went on their honeymoon and they were looking happy. She was looking satisfied. It didn’t seem like my ex-boyfriend still misses me or even remembers me. They both look good together and make a perfect couple. They are enjoying every bit of their life and here I am regretting my mistakes.

This is a kind of pain and regret which only I can feel and no one else. No one will ever understand how much guilt I am having inside me and how it is eating me from inside. I did it for my parents and society, who are happy as well but with this one decision, I have lost all my happiness.

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