Strategic Tips To Best Optimize Your Emails For Mobile

Strategic Tips To Best Optimize Your Emails For Mobile

Have you thought of optimizing your emails based on mobile devices? Majority of the people check the emails from the smartphone itself. Do you agree? All the B2B email marketers have started giving high priority for mobile readers. Later, they check the same design and make it work on desktop screen too. When you own a good content and clean design, it proves to fetch an increased campaign performance. As a whole, you are missing out great opportunities if not optimizing the emails for mobile phone. This blog post helps you to get an overall idea about designing a mobile-responsive email.

Short Subject Line Is Preferred

An attractive subject line is the key reason to attain higher open rates. So, it is a mandatory option when it comes to mobile optimization. Email content developers must focus on short subject line length. On average, a normal desktop subject line has 60 characters. On the other hand, mobile devices prefer to have only 20 to 30 characters. Convincing the customers to open your email is not an easy job. Your subject line must be extremely crisp, precise, and compelling in nature. The first step is to make your recipients open the email.

Creation of Attractive Preheader Text

It is one of the traditional email marketing tips we are letting you know here. The preheader text tends to be the most important element to convince readers. Similar to the subject line, put more efforts to compose the preheader text for a mobile audience. Highlight the most important message and capture the audience attention for the first time itself.

Optimization of From Name

From name is evidently displayed on your emails when seen from mobile devices. Most of the devices have different and heavy font. It is done to highlight the information and lets the reader know from who the mail was received. More than 60 percent of people decide whether to open the email or not by seeing this FROM name. Most importantly do not use generic names like It sets the reader into a negative mindset.

Utilize Mobile Responsive Template Only

Are you making use of any pre-designed template? Make sure it is mobile responsive. Otherwise, never use it. The design template will not serve the purpose. Responsive designs are designed in such a way that they automatically fit into the recipient’s device screen. So, your email copy looks exactly the same way you expected. From now on, you need not worry about whether the email fits on a laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. Responsive design templates take care of all these elements.

Plan Your CTA Very Well

Nowadays, we have observed that more traffic comes from a mobile device. Give the highest importance to the mobile performance of your website. An attractive CTA button will change the story of your campaign performance. Keep everything within limits. Do not overboard the design elements. Choose the size in such a way that it is not too big on mobile. Also, comfortable for readers to follow. For instance, iPhone recommends the clickable button size of 44 X 44 pixels.

Meet Customer Demands

You need to include the well-planned contextual messages. The right blend of real-time information with mobile device location has proved to be magical. As a B2B email marketer, you can use plenty of ways to implement contextual marketing. For instance:

  • Usage of live polls that gets updated based on real-time information.
  • Displaying of customer data based on individual responses or purchases. It belongs to one of the personalization techniques.
  • Automating the development of email content by automatically extracting the information from the company website.

Include the Quick and Short Content

Mobile readers hold a very short attention span. They spend just 3 seconds or less than that on your email copy. You need to grab their attention that quickly. Keep the content informative, short, and curious. The creativity of email marketer lies here! The shorter the content, more the number of people love to read your copy on mobile. How can you implement this tactic? Here it follows:

  • Be as direct as possible.
  • Do not write lengthy paragraphs
  • Make use of bulletin points
  • Limited use of graphics
  • Eliminate all the unnecessary words

Preview and Verify Before Sending

Majority of the email providers have the facility to preview your email copy before sending. Have you made it a habit or you generally ignore it? In fact, you can view the same content in different device formats. Just check how it looks on a smartphone, tablet, and mobile phone. When you do this without fail, you can eliminate all the errors in the last moment. In turn, you avoid being seen as a fool. However, it is not a complicated process. Make the necessary modifications if needed any and then shoot out your emails.

Implement only readable font size

You can use the font size from 13 pt as a minimum point for the email body. Below which is considered as difficult to read. Make the header font size as 22 pt. If needed, you can also use the bigger size of 30 pt. It makes your heading looks bold and authentic. Make the best color combination of font and background. It makes mobile users easy to read the email copy. Never use flashing colors. It results in bad readability and people tend to quit the screen.


If you do not take care of mobile responsiveness of email campaigns, it is a bad idea. The email recipients prefer deleting such spammy looking emails. Make use of all the above-listed tips and optimize your emails. Let your emails look good. As said earlier, test the email before sending. Now, you are aware of the right tactics to apply. Increase the mobile target audience and your brand is guaranteed to grow. With the help of these strategies, develop the mobile responsive email campaigns without any kind of mistakes.

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