3 Frequently Asked Questions to Know before Ordering Custom Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you wondering how to go through the whole process of selecting a custom dress? Here are a few things to know.

There has been a hush-hush in the fashion world – custom-made dresses may be the future. There is no way to find out whether this is the reality but you can rely on it. Why? Because of the added benefits, people are willing to go with custom made dresses. Especially, when it is your best friend’s wedding and you are the bridesmaid, things have to be right on track.

The custom dresses are very comfortable and offer a better fit. And, the best part is that you can choose everything; from fabric to size. So, the chic style will attract everyone and you will spend less on the alluring piece. Since the bridesmaid style has come a long way, the dresses are not super cheaper, either. Now, if you wish to know how the whole bespoke outfit process works, find answers to the following questions.

What is the theme?

Before ordering a bridesmaid dress, know what kind of occasion it is. Often, the brides emphasize on wearing the same dresses. Unlike the age-old tradition, things are changing. The modern brides now choose dress silhouettes according to the body types. Of course, this rare scene happens if they have enough time in hand. Otherwise, you are on your own. If it is a black-tie event, it is safe to go with a floor-length A-line dress. This silhouette flatters everyone. Again, when it is a beach wedding, a sundress or knee-length dress is not a bad idea. In case, the party is semi-formal, strapless dresses are perfect.

Weddings are not formal always. Without consulting the bride, never bother to show up in any dress you like. After all, you are your bridesmaid. The special event may require you to wear a mermaid or a long dress. Knowing the occasion can take you to find the perfect custom bridesmaid dresses.

What should be the material?

As you are going as a bridesmaid, the scene is quite different from the regular guests. Keep in mind that you have to maintain a little bit of similarity with the bride. So, you can bring the similarity in a piece of fabric, too. If your best friend chooses chiffon, you are in for a treat. Chiffon is light, sexy, soft, and supple. Silk chiffon is everyone’s favorite and it makes a great formal outfit. Additionally, it gives a special feminine effect. The sheer effect makes it prettier, especially in the wedding scenes. Satin is another choice that has a glossy and sleek effect. It is also lustrous. For every chic maid, a satin floor-length gown grabs eyeballs.

In any case, the bride has chosen something off-beat like pongee, it will be great to try on. Pongee is a feather-like fabric that is super soft. It has a semi-sheer effect and makes a very delicate garment. If you are someone after comfort, the loose silhouette made of pongee can be ideal.

What to know about the process?

Once the fabric has been approved, you can proceed further. Believe it or not, you can choose from 126 colors. Then you need to provide detailed information about the measurements of bust, shoulder, armhole, and other body parts. It is better to place the order as soon as possible. For instance, try to order before 30 days because the springtime is the peak season. You can get it delivered by 15 days; however, you have to pay $30 extra.

Do not forget to choose a killer dress style. Of course, mermaid bridesmaid dresses are the best to flaunt. Visit the official website check out the new collection. Submit the measurements and be the (second) spotlight of the party.

Author bio: Andrea Sellers is a fashion blogger who has published a few articles on how to glam up wearing mermaid bridesmaid dresses. Here, she discusses a few tips to remember before ordering custom bridesmaid dresses.

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