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3 Key Benefits of Mutual Fund Software to Distributors

Wealth Elite is India's top Mutual Fund Software for Distributors and IFA, Integration with BSE & NSE, Multiple Assets, and inbuilt Video KYC & Online ATM.

Each industry grows with time which also leaves an impression upon the company operating in, as a result of which the changes are adopted as a usual practice by the business. The advisors working in the mutual fund business continuously need to implement the latest tools to battle in the market.

Wealth Elite is the best provider of wealth management solutions delivering a complete solution to advisors. Determining the right provider is the first step advisors need to take for success.


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Here are some common benefits of the financial platform to advisors

  •  Portfolio Management

 In absence of technology, the advisors were not capable of managing multiple investors at a time, and also managing the portfolios of such investors becomes confused with no support. The financial vehicle increases the productivity of the funds and adds more capability to the business of the advisors. Also, the advisors can interpret the portfolio at a glimpse. 

  •  KYC

Getting KYC is required for the advisors before investing the funds of the investors and through the online platform, the advisors can quickly collect KYC without a face-to-face meeting. The responsibility of paper-based applications reduced with the paperless format and the also the verification method becomes quite too easy. 

  •  Funds Tracking

 Since the arrival of the assisting technology, the advisors can easily track the funds of the investors based on which particular action can be adopted to deliver optimum results. The Mutual Fund Software for Distributors enables to keep constant supervision which eliminates the chances of loss. 


Thus, holding a Mutual Fund Software is a requirement to make the business process more efficient and to enhance the productivity of the advisors firm. It also helps advisors in competing with the rival firm and setting a benchmark in the industry.

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