3 Useful Hacks to Grow Your Follower Count for Your Fashion Instagram Profile

The growth of Instagram followers is quintessential for your fashion business because, without organic social media followers, your IG page will fail to create a community of fashion enthusiasts for using your IG account as an effective marketing tool.

Instagram is photogenic and a visual social media platform best suited for fashion profiles. These days, fashion IG can move one-step ahead with its shoppable posts, creating an all-encompassing and immersive experience for your existing and potential followers.

The growth of Instagram followers is quintessential for your fashion business because, without organic social media followers, your IG page will fail to create a community of fashion enthusiasts for using your IG account as an effective marketing tool.

According to an article published in Forbes, there are ways to grow your business Instagram profile, one of which is uploading useful and creative content at the best times. That is because you will find no substitute for quality content, which means sharing high-definition photos and videos on your fashion Instagram account.

Instagram marketing tactics are changing as fast as the algorithms and so, here are three useful tips to increase your followers for your fashion IG account:

1. Create stunning, spectacular content

Instagram is all about high-definition photos and videos and so the best option for a fashion business. That is why you need to share stunning images to make people stop scrolling and engage with your content. In simple words, you need to create Instagram content that resonates with your audience and followers. When it comes to your fashion IG page, content creation is the key to the success of growing your followers.

Your IG content should not only be stunning but also inimitable with some behind-the-scenes images or videos in your feed as well as Instagram Stories. Highlight your fashion store events, team, and even some casual shots related to your business to stand out in your niche business.

If you plan to share conventional fashion photos or videos, create something that’s well-composed and striking. The fashion model’s attire should contract perfectly with the backdrop to make your content stand out from the rest. You would never like to see your Instagram posts buried deep down in the feeds.

2. Stick to a theme relevant to your Instagram account

When you stick to a theme for your fashion IG page, it benefits your brand as well as followers. If you feel perplexed about whether to upload a photo of a specific fashion outfit for your subsequent post, refer to your previous theme to decide whether that will fit or not. When you have a theme in place, it helps you to make decisions easily, a great strategy for influencers on fashion IG profiles.

When you have a consistent theme for your IG posts, your audience will relate to the theme and identify your brand. It will help your followers to trust your brand and you can buy likes on Instagram. Prospective followers visiting your fashion IG page can see your grid and identify the theme as yours. It piques their interest and helps them to follow your brand without any second thought.

Having a theme in place also makes your fashion account look more coordinating and consistent.It will also let your followers figure out what they can expect when they start following your Instagram page. An attractive Instagram theme is a snapshot or synopsis of the essence of your account and therefore, you should give it some thought before opting for a theme. Choose a warm, soft theme with fashion photos that look glamorous. All you need to do is use the specific theme to align your brand with the Instagram page.

3. Redesign high engagement content with the same outfits

When you have a couple of Instagram images with more engagement, you can figure out what your subsequent posts will look like. Monitor the photos that garnered maximum likes and engagement to understand what your followers like to see from your brand. You may even ask your audience what content type they would prefer by using a survey in your Instagram Stories. However, the best way you can know is by keeping watch on the posts that manage to receive the highest engagement.

Study Instagram Analytics to understand which content is resonating with your followers and compare those with the ones that look a bit flat. This way, you will have a good idea of what content to upload and share with your audience and see the rate of engagement of these future posts.

When you see a specific post garnering maximum likes and comments, try to recreate that post again in the future, but with a different fashion outfit. You know that your followers like that post and therefore, you will manage to get engagement, most likely. It is one of the best ways to build engagement and follower count on your fashion Instagram account. For example, if a photo of a fashion model is performing well against the same white background, repeat the same only with a different fashion garment or accessory.


Now that you have these tips and tricks handy, use them to build your Instagram feed, making it look appealing to your audience. Increase likes and followers, thus taking your brand engagement to the other level.


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