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3 Useful Tips That Can Help You Write Excellent Essay

You can always come back and write the introduction at your own convenience. There is no hard and fast rule to begin writing your essay with introduction.

Essay writing is a challenging task that many students find intimidating to accomplish. But a major portion of your grade score depends on essay writing assignments in school or college. So, whether you like it or not, you have to write an essay and submit it on time.

Not just write an essay, writing an impressive essay earns you good grades. If you are someone who lacks writing skills and find it extremely hard to write essay papers then fret not. You can get help from a 1000 words essay writing service online or you can attempt to write on your own with these useful tips listed below.

Continue to read till the end to learn top tips for writing an excellent essay.

1.    Carefully analyse and understand the essay prompt

Before making any effort to write or think about the essay topic, you need to understand the essay prompt given to you. No matter how beautifully you structure your essay and write it using metaphors and impressive writing skills, you will score poorly if it fails to answer the essay prompt adequately.

Therefore, understanding the essay prompt and making your essay relevant to answering that prompt is very important in writing a perfect school or college essay. The best way to analyse and understand the prompt is by breaking it down into two parts –

  • The things asked in a prompt directly – essay topic, research for completely understanding the topic, the length and construct of the essay.
  • The things asked in a prompt indirectly – personal opinion or essay backed by credible sources and facts, relating the essay topic with things covered in class.

2.   Begin by making an outline for the essay

The best way to begin or start is by planning and doing your research on the essay topic. For this you need to make an outline. Plan how you're gonna do your research for the essay. Brainstorm for a thesis statement as it will help you frame the entirety of the essay.

Plot how you're gonna keep the flow of your essay and what sort of information you want to add in your essay paper. Is it gonna be factual or supported by credible sources? Making an outline for your essay with these elements will help you to easily prepare a complete essay draft.

3.   Write the body and not the introduction for your essay

Now this may sound bizarre to you as introduction comes first before you head toward writing the body of the essay. But introduction is one part of an essay where students struggle the most hence instead of jamming your brain in the initial stage of writing an essay why not start differently.

Writing your essay with the body first will help you sort out your ideas and thoughts. You’ll be clearer about the flow of your essay and by the time you finish writing, you won’t find it difficult to write the introduction.

You can always come back and write the introduction at your own convenience. There is no hard and fast rule to begin writing your essay with introduction.


So, what are you waiting for? If you have a due essay paper then apply these tips to write your essay now. If you still can’t figure out how to write the essay assignment on your own then you can always take help from 1000 words essay writing service online. They will offer you a perfectly written essay in no time.


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