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How Following the Syllabus can Help Achieve 100 Marks in all Subjects in School & Board Exams?

Clearing the exam with good numbers allows you progress to the next class with great confidence. Hence, every class should be taken seriously as the subjects simply build up on the previous session.

Clearing the exam with good numbers allows you progress to the next class with great confidence. Hence, every class should be taken seriously as the subjects simply build up on the previous session. What you study in Class 7 and 8 can be found to be in an elaborate manner in Class 9 & 10. Hence, you should know how to study the correct way right from the beginning of the session. You should always refer to ncert solutions for class 8 maths to score good marks.

Importance of course syllabus

According to the educational experts at Cuemath, the course syllabus rather acts like a directional map. When followed sincerely, it helps students to proceed to learn the different chapters covered in the exam properly and thoroughly. It also shows you the way how to study the right way, effectively as well as to perform well during the exams.

The syllabus can be termed to be an instructive tool. It helps the students to know the particular standard of what they should expect during their entire course session. Rather, it prescribes those concepts and topics based on which the students will be tested at the final exam. The syllabus tends to serve as a contract between teachers and students. It contains valuable ideas and functions used to elevate students’ overall performance.

Prominent Features Derived from a Well-Designed Course Syllabus

  • It describes course goals. It clearly explains the structure of the course, assignments to be completed, review sessions, exams including other activities necessary for students to learn important study materials.
  • The syllabus is also described as a course planning tool allowing instructors to prepare as well organize the entire course throughout the session.
  • It provides students the room to carry out extensive practice by doing different types of homework, problem sets along with subject oriented assignments.
  • It conveys them a clear idea pertaining to the course content while providing them with knowledge throughout the course.

Benefits derived by following the course syllabus

  • It sets the right tone to study the course. It streamlines the course content.
  • It tries to establish proper connection and contact between instructors and students by stating clearly the set goals and objectives to be achieved on completion of the course.
  • Students get valuable information about the course goals, structure and learning outcomes.
  • It includes information to facilitate the students’ academic success.
  • It also outlines the responsibilities of the students helping them to achieve success.
  • It describes the activities and materials that support classroom as well as external learning.
  • It also defines well the duties of the teacher towards students’ overall development.

How can students learn effectively by following the course syllabus?

  • The syllabus mentions the allotted weight age to different chapters and units. Getting to know them can help you to create a proper strategy as to how chapters should be prepared keeping in mind their weightage distribution.
  • Syllabus for any particular course tends to describe the concepts and topics covered during the preparation for the exam.
  • A clear and in-depth understanding of the syllabus including the weightage given to each section can prove to be more than beneficial. You can determine easily the amount of time to dedicate for each section.
  • The syllabus also has clear details of the question paper format or design allowing students to be aware of the question type asked and different sections employed within the exam papers. Students can also get an idea of the mark’s distribution within the question paper.
  • Exam papers for every course generally are designed according to the board prescribed syllabus. Hence, students should prepare for the exam as per the instructions and topics given in the syllabus. Following this sincerely will help crack even tough subjects like Maths with great ease.

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