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3 Ways James Russell Roofing Makes Sure That No Leak Goes Undetected

Most property holders have protection for rooftop fixes. Guarantee that you forestall every little hole, so it doesn't turn into a spout of water saturating the insides. It is ideal for reporting the report the rooftop fix to the insurance agency.

Roof leakage is considered to be one of the biggest “red flags” by roofing service providers because it can damage your ceiling, framing, and sheathing, to name a few. For inexperienced homeowners, It can be quite difficult to track down the exact location of water leakage. The reason is that the affected area of seepage and dampness may be larger and our point of consideration may be different from where the leak originated.

If left undetected, it would even threaten the structural integrity of the house. Protecting your home from roof leaks and major long-term repair costs associated with them seems to be the need of the hour.

There are plenty of benefits of investing in high performance and durable roofing system. Not only will it provide efficient protection against extreme weather conditions, but it will also give a significant boost to the curb appeal of your home. As experienced and well-established roofing contractors in Memphis, James Russell Roofing offers the widest range of high quality and visually stunning roofing materials that can help you make your home stand out among all the properties in your neighborhood.

This is precisely the reason why our experts here at James Russell Roofing have decided to ease your roofing related worries with their expertise, experience, innovation, and imagination. We leave no stone unturned while fixing a leaky roof and here's our proven three-step procedure to give you the leisure of a leak-free comfortable home.

1. Eliminating non-roof leak sources

It is important to confirm the exact location of water leakage. For this purpose, we initially rule out the possibility of other sources except for the roof and will do a systematic inspection to identify the principal source of the problem. Whether it is raining or not, we are here to help you out identify the root of the roof water spilling problem. In most cases, non-roof leak sources such as an air conditioner, a faulty pipeline, or a loose valve can prove to be the culprit behind drips and condensation that appear to be originating from the roof.

It is only after confirming that no other sources cause water stains, we proceed towards your roof.

2. Segregating and prioritizing leakage hotspots

Isolating usual suspects and securitizing the damage caused by them are the initial steps we employ after spotting the source of a leak. Some of the typical reasons for leakages include broken or missing shingles, tiles, or panels. Besides, roof penetrations and water clogging play a key role in roof leaks.

Even if the affected area under consideration is not directly responsible for the damage, immediate roof repair is always recommended if the leak source is found to be on the surface of the roof. This will effectively safeguard your house from current leakage issues and will ward off similar inconveniences in the future.

3. Identifying the “Red Flags”

Red Flags or leakages which are not visible from a bird’s eye view may pose threat to the durability and stability of roofs. Our professionally trained team will explore your roof thoroughly and detect all the possible sources of water leakage. We make use of our extensive experience and unrivaled expertise to delve into the signs of even the most subtle roofing defects. Detecting these signs earlier can help minimize the damage and subsequent repairs.

We are one of the region’s most experienced and award-winning Roofing Companies In Memphis. ‘Being the best’ is our motto and we never compromise on the quality of services we provide. Finding a leak is trickier than fixing one, but we assure you the fastest and the most efficient ways of inspection and necessary renovation.
So what are you waiting for? Schedule a FREE roofing inspection for your home with us in Palm Harbor, Tampa, or Dunedin, FL, and get hold of an honest estimate. Call James Russell Roofing now at (901) 808-8320, and we will be glad to assist you with our presence and potential proposals in Millington or Memphis, TN.

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