How to Move Gmail Folders to Office 365 Efficiently?

Use the most reliable and trustworthy tool i.e. Gmail to Office 365 Tool to move Gmail folders to Office 365 efficiently. The software is accessible on all Windows machine and perform the migration with with 100% accuracy.

Email changes the way of communication and centralised it towards the email services. Now people all over the world depends upon email services for sharing database and for managing personal information. Gmail is one of among those email client and because of its free service, it is used by many peoples all over the world. Besides its popularity many users want to move their Gmail folders to Office 365 account. If you want a perfect solution to know how to move Gmail folders to Office 365 efficiently then read this blog till end. In this blog we provide you two solution but let us first know the reason behind the conversion.

Reason to Move Gmail Folders to Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud based application which is developed by Microsoft. It provides more data space than hard drive based application. Mailboxes of Office 365 can be easily accessed from anywhere and anytime. This is the main reason why users all over the world want to switch their database from Gmail to Office 365.

Move Gmail Folders to Office 365 Manually

  1. Open Google take out directly by searching Google takeout on search engine.

  2. Now fill Login credential of Gmail Account i.e. Email address and password.

  3. Choose your desirable folder from the list of all the other product open by Google takeout.

  4. Further choose the file type as zip and archive its size.

  5. Now an archive folder start generating which takes some time.

  6. Once the process is completed a mail sent to your Gmail Account, open the mail and click on download archive to move your emails in your desktop.

After following all these steps you can save your Gmail database in MBOX format and if you want to move this MBOX files in Office 365 You have to use a third party tool.

Gmail to Office 365 Tool – A Professional Solution

Gmail to Office 365 Converter is a third party software which gives you instant solution of how to move Gmail folders to Office 365. The software is a desktop based application which supports all the version of Windows such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc. Let’s move forward with the step by step working of the software.

Step 1: Download and Run Gmail to Office 365 Tool in your system.

home screen

Step 2: Select Gmail from the list of Select email Source which is displayed in the left panel of the software.

Scan & Formatted Scan

Step 3: Now fill login details of Gmail account i.e. Email address and password.

scanning process

Step 4: The tool start loading Gmail mailbox and start showing it in the left panel.

load gmail folders

Step 5: Choose output option as Office 365 in the list of Saving Output options.

Browse for Folder

Step 6: Now choose all the advance filters offered by the software and click on Backup button to start the conversion process.

advanced gmail filters

Why Professional Method is Better Option than Manual Method?

  • Through Gmail to Office 365 Tool user can move multiple emails to Office 365 in just one time processing. On the other hand manual method can’t be useful for migrating large quantity data.

  • The software offer multiple advance filter for facilitating selective migration whereas you cannot find any such feature in manual method.

  • The tool is capable of transferring Gmail email with all type of attachments while manual method is not capable of exporting attachments to Office 365 account.

  • Gmail Backup Tool provide backup report in the end of the conversion process which can be saved in TXT format while any of such option is not present in manual method.

  • Professional method is not tricky and lengthy. It can be used by any naïve user irrespective of their background (technical or non-technical).


We hope after reading this blog your query how to move Gmail folders to Office 365 no more remain unsolved. In this blog we provide you two solution one of them is manual method and other one is professional solution. If you are a risk averse person and want a risk free solution then use Email Backup Tool. If you want to move small amount of files without attachment then manual method is also good option for you. To grab more info related to third party tool then you can download its demo version. The demo version facilitate user to move first 20 Gmail email to Office 365 for free of cost.

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