Stella News Analysis | How 60 years Old Russian's Mig 21 Shot Downed to Modern Advanced America 's F16 Falcon Aircraft

Mig21 Vs F16

Stella News Analysis | How 60 years Old Russian's Mig 21 Shot Downed to Modern Advanced America 's F16 Falcon Aircraft

Russian made 60 years Old  Mig 21 Shot Downed to American made Modern High Tech F16 falcon aircraft

Yes , It is unbelievable case which is shocked to all world that a six dacade year old Mig 21 aircraft has downed to Today’s American F16 aircraft .

It is not need to explain that great serious issue is going on between India and Pakistan Border. And whole world is in Tension , because both of country are nuclear Power.

On 14th feb. 2019,  44 Soldiers had been killed by Jesh –e Mohmd ‘s suicide Bomber Terrorists with more than 300 kg explosive into vehicle. The  Jesh –e Mohmd ‘s  suicide Bomber Terrorist hitted  the explosived vehicle with CRPF Convoy vehicles in the place of Pulwamma ,Jammu & Kashmir area. 44 soldiers killed in this attack and more than 50 soldiers were injured . All Over the world had condemned this pullwamma attack.

And Jesh –e Mohmd Terrorists Organisation in Pakistan had taken the responsibility of this pulwamma attack. India responded with great aggression to Pakistan at every corner either diplomatic way or either it is military. The all Indian came out on the roads and made anger and demanded to his government to take revenge for this attack.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi warned directly  to Pakistan that they have done big mistake and we will take the revenge of this attack.

Then, Indian Government had decided to take revenge of this attack and at the 12 day of pulwamma attack Indian Air Force did the surprise attack on Jesh-e Mohmd ‘s Terror camp in Balakot Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan territory with 12 Mirage 2000 aircrafts and dropped the 1000kg bombs on the Jesh-e Mohmd ‘s Terror Training camp and destroyed it completely and killed more than 300 terrorists in this camp who were preparing  to enter in Indian Territory.

Indian air force showed his Power and capacity & capability to all world and surprised to all world in the morning of Tuesday of 26th feb 2019. IAF enthusiasm was at that time when Pakistan was on Red High alert. Pakistan Army, Airforce  and navy was on high Alert. This shows that How Indian Air Force and Indian Defence Forces are Professional to complete his task.  Pakistan was in shocked because of Indian Air Force attack on Terror attacks in his home ground.

This was the issue from where it was started. Now Come to the Point of the Topic Heading.

That’s why Pakistan wanted to show his power to his Public that they can also do like this  , that ‘s why Pakistan Air Force three F16 aircrafts entered into Indian Air Space and tried to drop bombs on Indian Millitary Area at the 4 km into Indian Territory

As , Pakistan Air Force F16 aircrafts shown on Indian Radars. At Once in 17 seconds , the already prepared Mig 21 aircraft with Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhmaan took fly into sky and Fought with aggressively and chased of Pakistan F16 aircrafts,

 Pakistan F16 aircrafts were flying running further and wing Commander Abhinandan in Mig 21 were chasing of them. It was like DogFight in Sky.

Very Interesting thing is 3 F16 Pakistan aircrafts and 1 Mig 21 aircrafts .

Mig 21 Bison fired and shot Downed  to Pakistan’s  F16 aircrafts and f16 ‘s Pilot was died in this aircraft.

But No One is not discussing about the F16 Pilot dying in any Media.

At the Time of Chasing the Pakistan’s F16 aircrafts , wing Commander Abhinandan crossed the Loc by mistake and entered into Pakistan air space. At that time, sudden , his Mig 21 aircraft crashed and abhinandan opened his aircraft’s  parachutes and landed on Pakistan ground.

But Pakistan said that He shot down Two aircrafts of India and he arrested two Pilots of India while it was only one Pilot that was in their custody.

People of POK caught the Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhmaan and Pakistan Army captured him and took him in his custody.

And Pakistan leaked the identity of Wing Commander Abhinandan and video of Abhi at Internet and start his negative agenda which was against the Geneva International  Treaty. Where all countries had signed that  all country will make good behave with enemy soldier and prisoners into its jail.

Now , Question come in every one ‘s mind

Can 60 years old MIG 21 aircraft can Shot Downed to F16 Falcon aircraft which is made by Lokheed Martin company of USA and it is very advanced aircraft of USA. Pakistan has begged from USA these aircrafts.

IT has become very debate all over the world. How it is Possible ?   We Researched and compared the both aircraft what was the reason behind of this.

F16 Falcon Digital Cockpit

MIG 21 Bison Analog Cockpit


MIG 21 Bison aircraft

F16 Falcon Aircraft

Full name is Mikoyan-Gurevich

F-16 Fighting Falcon Multirole Fighter

Analog CockPit

Very Advanced Digital CockPit

single engine, single seater multirole fighter aircraft

nine hardpoints for weapons payloads

a maximum speed of 2,230 kilometers per hour (Mach 2.1)

infrared navigation and targeting system

one 23mm twin-barrel cannon with four R-60 close combat missiles

BAE Systems holographic display

empty weight of MiG 21 is 5,846 kg (12,880 lb) and its loaded weight is 8,725 kg (19,230 lb) with 2 × K-13A missiles

Northrop Grumman AN/APG-68 radar 25 separate air-to-air and air-to-ground modes

MiG 21 is loaded with one internal 23 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23L autocannon with 200 rounds

a single engine: the General Electric F110-GE-129

air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, KAB-500KR TV-guided bombs and 4 × 500 kg (1,100 lb) bombs.

 maximum high speed of 2,414 km/h, a length of 15.06 metre


This was Specification of Mig 21 Vs F16.

Conclusion :-

We Compared the both aircraft specification and found that F16 is very advanced with Latest Digital Technology and very helpful to Pilot.

At the Other side, Mig 21 has analog Cockpit which is not easy to handle by normal Pilot. It needs to very hard skills and accuracy of Pilot to understand its all analog signals . very typical work to practice and focus on such type skills and to maintain the standards of such type of skills at the time of War.

To Fly the Mig 21 , Totally Depends upon the Pilot  Skills and IQ Level and Mind capacity. Because of its analog electronics equipments it is very hard to fly and understand each and every target to fire. It totally depends upon the Pilot Learning Skills.

Now , you can judge yourself, How did  Wing Commander Abhinandan show his skills in flying the MIG aircraft in front of Pakistan’s 3-3 Advanced F16 aircrafts.

That ‘s Why Indian air Force is known the one of the Best air force because of his skills , Passions and Credibility.

We heads off to Indian Air Force capability who are always ready for India safety. Hope you loved this important information.


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