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4 Common Application and Types of Concrete Pumps

4 Common Application and Types of Concrete Pumps

The construction industry is booming day by day, and with huge demand, the market share will increase in the upcoming years. The world urban area population is growing by 200,000 people a day, creating more demand for houses, medical facilities, schools, transportation, and a lot more. The construction industry will be in high need in upcoming years to fulfill the request for urban infrastructure.

Construction business requires high efficiency and reliability to complete complex and large scale construction projects on time. It is crucial to avoid delays and complete the projects on time to stay efficiently in the construction industry. To overcome such issues and problems, one needs to use the best quality equipment to speed up construction. 

When you consider using concrete efficiently at the construction site, concrete pumping helps you provide ease and better benefits. It helps in accelerating the overall construction process. 

Various Types of Concrete Pumps

1) Line Pumping 

It is a concrete pumping process under which a pump is mounted on a trail or track perfectly fitted with the hose. Whenever your construction site requires horizontal pumping, line pumping is used to provide you with exceptional outcomes. This pumping process makes it very easy for the construction site to pump the concrete horizontally due to the flexible hose. The common types of line pumping include stationary pumps, truck-mounted static pumps, and Truck mixer pumps, which can be used according to their different applications. 

2) Boom Pumps 

If you need to transfer the concrete at one specific location, you can do it through boom pumping by extending the pump through the air whenever the concrete needs to be settled. The boom pump is used in the location where the concrete is hard to reach the exact location. In simple words, where a line pump can not go, a boom pump can easily send the concrete to that place through an air pump. With the help of a boom pump, construction will be super easy and accelerates the whole process. 

Four Common Application of Concrete Pumping

The construction process is more advanced now as compared to the old one. The developed application of concrete pumping is suitable for a broad range of construction processes. Here are some typical applications of concrete pumping in the construction process. 

1) Building Foundations Without Basements

Buildings that do not contain a strong foundation can witness cracks and other problems in the long run, whereas concrete pumps are used in building a strong foundation, which results in avoiding all the issues and future loopholes. With concrete pumping, one can quickly and smoothly craft the slab building foundation for better outcomes. 

2) Constructing sky-high Building 

It is essential to use boom pumping to construct a sky-high building as it requires elevation and reaches. With the help of boom pumping, the construction project can efficiently and quickly pump the concrete, which results in a robust and faster process. So, this will help you in building a better construction project which lasts longer without any problem. 

3) For Building Bridges and Dams 

Bridges and dams need to be healthy and highly efficient because of the heavy vehicles and intense water pressure that will pass on it. With the exceptional features that concrete pumping offers, boom pumps can easily be used to ensure that concrete is efficiently reached to the bridge's top to construct it more strongly. So, to build a strong and robust bridge, you must use boom pumping. 

4) In-ground Swimming Pools

An in-ground swimming pool is the same as building the basement with a concrete foundation. To create a robust in-ground swimming pool, a boom pump is essential. Boom up can quickly come inside your backyard and complete the job efficiently without causing any disruption or noise in the yard. So, all these reasons make the boom pump highly efficient for building an inground swimming pool. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you construct a commercial building or a residential, you require advanced and upgraded technology to witness exceptional outcomes. Concrete pumping is one of the upgrades that accelerates the overall construction project and provides its completion on time. Concrete pumping can be used in building a strong foundation, in-ground swimming pool, constructing bridges and dams, and constructing other sky-high building premises. If you want to develop a robust foundation for any construction project, it is essential to use concrete pumping. 

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