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4 Roulette Myths You Shouldn’t Believe and 5 Mistakes Beginning Slots Players Make

Roulette has, undoubtedly, become one of the most popular games in casino. Its numerous betting options, lower range of minimum bets, fine winning payouts and its comprehensibility that requires no special skill to play have been able to attract wide range of players.

Roulette has, undoubtedly, become one of the most popular games in casino. Its numerous betting options, lower range of minimum bets, fine winning payouts and its comprehensibility that requires no special skill to play have been able to attract wide range of players. 

But along with its popularity, its myths have also been developed and been popular that are likely to make you think more and enjoy less during the game.

Here are the 4 myths of Roulette that you should not believe:

Myth #1: All Roulettes are same

Roulette is perhaps the most identifiable & considered as the best live casino games. But not everyone knows that there are several variants of roulette that are slightly different from each other.

American Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette, and Multi-Wheel Roulette are the different types of Roulettes with slightly different structure and rules with different winning odds and house advantages.

Myth #2: Past Predicts the Future

Assuming that the preceding result predicts the succeeding result is a fallacy in online roulette game. Even the experienced player tends to believe it.

Each round is a separate event that has no connection to the previous or upcoming round. So, preparing a sequence of upcoming result by looking at the previous results is a waste of time.

It is a game of chance. Even when the ball has continuously dropped on red for 10 times, assuming that in next spin it will drop on black can be wrong. Also, if the ball has not dropped on 8 for few hours, assuming that it will drop there in some time can be wrong. The ball may never hit 8 on that whole day. 

So, prediction of the result by looking at the past records is a myth that you should no more believe. Even if the prediction does come true, it is because of your luck.

Myth #3: Martingale System Works

Doubling the bet after every loss can recover the loss when you finally win. But it is better not to rely completely on it.

Sometimes, your luck may not favour you and you may keep losing the whole day. So, if you keep following this system for a long time, you may lose huge amount of money.

You just go on doubling and soon your bet starting from a 20 INR may reach to thousands leaving you no more money for the next bet.

Myth #4: Hedging your Bet to Beat the House

The ultimate aim of every player in casino is to win. So, players tend to hedge the bet to minimize losses and to increase the probability of winning.

If a player bets on Red, he also bets on Black with slight difference in the money put as bet. And he also bets some chips on Zero. This way, whatever the result may be, he will win some amount.

Some people also think that they can beat the house through this strategy. But the reality is that house advantage always remains the same whether you hedge the bet or you do not.

You cannot change the house advantage with any kind of combination of bets. Hedging does not guarantee that you will win more money by losing some. The house will always have some advantage that you cannot change.

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Are you familiar with the card games like Rummy, Blackjack or Teen Patti? If yes, then you must have heard about Andar Bahar. This simple yet captivating game was originated from India. It is the reason; Andar Bahar is most sought game as the best online casino India

As we mentioned earlier, the gameplay of Andar Bahar is as easy as pie. You need to pile one card over another until the time you get the larger value card on the top. It is the basic Andar Bahar game mechanics. But for its comprehensive guide, you have to go through the entire article. 

Please manage a few minutes to learn the gameplay of Andar Bahar casino to make the most out of it.

Shall we proceed further? Here we go now.

How to Play Andar Bahar Casino Game? 

The game of Andar Bahar begins by a dealer who draws face-up cards and places it in the middle of the table. You could see it live on your screen. In general, the face-up card is also called the Joker card. The entire game of Andar Bahar depends on the face card. 

Next, it’s your turn to place a bet choosing one of the sides (Andar or Bahar).The main purpose of Andar Bahar game is to predict which hand the joker card lands.  

After you place your bet, the dealer proceeds with dealing cards alternatively on both sides. The dealing will continue until the card with similar value (face-up card) appears in one of the hands.

Let us suppose you place your bet on the Andar side, and if the joker card is dealt on it, you will be a winner. In case if it is dealt on the Bahar side, house sweeps your bet. 

Please note that, if the game card has a black suit then the dealing will begin from Andar Side and if the card is of a red suit, the deal will start on the Bahar side. 

Andar Bahar is played using 52 decks of a standard card deck. Here, all cards have regular value, and 2 is considered as the lowest value, while ace is the highest. 

Where to Play Andar Bahar with Real Money? 

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