Law Firm Internet Marketing Trends

4 Top Law Firm Marketing Trends Forecasts For 2020

Online marketing for law firms is important to expand the agency to our target audience.In this article, we are forecasting the top law firm marketing trends.

Online marketing for law firms is important to expand the reach of the agency among the target audience. However, the promotional strategy needs to be fine-tuned from time to time. In this article, we are forecasting the top law firm marketing trends for this year. Technological advancements and audience choices have the ability to affect marketing plans. Failing to make modifications accordingly will cause the strategy to become ineffective and the business to stagnate. Knowing what is going to be in vogue this year will help attorneys create an effective plan to promote their agency. Let’s take a look at how legal marketing is expected to evolve in 2020.

1. Application Of Cross-selling Strategies

A problem area for most agencies has been nurturing their existing client base. In fact, most of them are completely clueless when it comes to marketing to existing users. The main reason for this kind of ignorance is most agencies have still not stepped out of their traditional mindset. They feel that a client will return to them whenever she needs help. In today’s digital world everyone checks for solutions on the internet before approaching a specialist in the real world. This year attorneys will look to rectify the situation by cross-selling their services to their clients. Taking a leaf out of commercial enterprises’ books they will nurture their leads for repeat business. Email marketing will help them keep in touch with their users and enhance their engagement. Expect a rise in demand for automated email marketing solutions which will enable legal professionals to run drip campaigns and identify the best leads.

2. Optimization Of Websites For Voice Search

Ask any marketing agency for lawyers about the most important digital property and the answer will be the website. Even with the rise of social media and other platforms like video-sharing networks, the good old website still remains a powerful marketing tool. All lawyers know about search engine optimization and take measures to improve their online visibility. Attorneys, though, it seems have been late in recognizing how big voice search has become. The popularity of mobile devices and the emergence of smart speakers has led to a boost in verbal searches. Another interesting thing to note here is that most people who are speaking their search queries are looking for solutions in their vicinity. In the coming months, legal firms will be seen optimizing their interfaces for these kinds of searches. This will help them get in front of audiences in their geographical location.

3. Social Media Marketing Strategies Will Be Calibrated

Another top law firm marketing trends this year will be agencies rethinking their social media plans. Attorneys have become active on networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The smart ones use the channels to connect with their peers and share their thoughts. This allows them to build up their image as a thought leader in their practice area. However, marketers have now started questioning whether social media is allowing them to reach the target audience effectively. In the next few months, it is possible that instead of focusing on organic use, law agencies start investing more in paid campaigns on such platforms. A campaign on Facebook will allow them to reach out to a prospective client at a much lower cost than a search engine marketing campaign.

4. Mobile-friendliness Will Continue To Be Important

Smart devices have completely transformed the way people live and work. They have made it easy to access the internet and opened up new possibilities. A majority of people are using handheld gadgets to surf the web and the number of desktop internet users is going down. This has forced everyone, from search engines to businesses to change their approach. Google officially uses mobile-first indexing which means that it uses the mobile version of a page to decide its SERP ranking. Marketing professionals have to ensure that their interfaces are responsive in nature. Attorneys know the importance of mobile-friendliness and have modified their websites accordingly. Expect this trend to be strong this year also. Legal firms will make sure their mobile phone-using clientele has a fulfilling experience. They will continue to include large, clickable fonts, buttons, and contact numbers to facilitate good user experience.


These are the top law firm marketing trends which are expected to dominate this year. Attorneys must make sure that these tips are integrated into their digital strategy. This will allow them to enhance their reach as well as engagement.

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