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4 ways to connect with your retail customers through custom shipping boxes

What difference does it make to your mind when you hear the word 'packaging'? If you think of a standard, gray shipping box, you've really missed a great opportunity to present the best user experience.

What difference does it make to your mind when you hear the word 'packaging'? If you think of a standard, gray shipping box, you've really missed a great opportunity to present the best user experience. In this modern lifestyle where people are easily influenced, customizing a custom E-liquid boxes can make a strong relationship in your retail business with your valued customers. In fact, there are ways that these great boxes can help you connect with your retail customers.

Customize your shipping packaging box

With the growing demand for customized everything, your retail business now has the opportunity to customize shipping packaging boxes to wrap your products. There are a variety of options for you to choose from, including shipping boxes, boxes that are double the size of the mailer, custom-sized boxes, and more.

But it doesn't stop there. With a wide selection available, you also have the option to choose what kind of content you want for your boxes. If you are a startup business that focuses on a lot of stability, there are many packaging service companies that offer eco-friendly shipping boxes so you can ship your products while also knowing that you have a slightly healthier land. Mand made.

Focus on the little things

Sometimes these are the little things in life that really make a big difference. When it comes to retail packaging, you should not forget about the little details that will ultimately lift your shipping box to bulk.


Who told you that you need to use clean packaging tape for all shipping needs? Instead of using what is usually expected, you can try adding duct tape in colorful colors or patterns. If you need to seal some small items such as envelopes, you can go to your local craft store and go to the scrap booking section. There will be rolls of scrap booking tape such as fabric tape, glossy tape, floral tape, etc.

String and tissue paper

If you need to use tissue paper in your shipping boxes, look for colors or patterns that will complement and validate your product inside you. You can add the ultimate touch to your boxes by using bright dust or ribbons to touch creativity in your product packaging box.

Add 'Thanks' notice

Your printed shipping box can pick up your brand image by adding a thank you note. You can go for a fun postcard or take the time to write a handwritten 'thank you' card. Adding personal notes will create humanity in your brand and let your customers know that you really appreciate their cooperation.

Even better, you can use a 'thank you' note to give your customers a discount code. Remember, in general, getting a customer to buy your product is a huge feat. However, it is even better to get a customer for the first time to become your repeat customer.

Personalize your emails

While your official emails are not part of your physical shipping packaging box, they are part of your customer shopping experience. That's why your business needs to find ways to personalize and attract your "thank you for your order" and "your package has been sent" emails.

Most companies will have their own pre-written email templates with a standard copy for purchase orders or their shipment emails. Still, you can take some time to personalize your words and make the wait game more enjoyable for your customers. If you have some basic design skills, consider adding fun graphics to your email.

Finish it

The bulk in your shipping box should be more than just the Tuck End Boxes you used to deliver your valuable retail products. As an alternative, in the cutthroat retail market competition, these boxes can connect you with your customers. Once you have a strong relationship with them, you just have to sit back and watch your sales grow.

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