Five ways augmented reality will change the way you use your mobile

The reports that iOS 11 will have a large dose of augmented reality added-a software that seamlessly overlays virtual graphics to the real world-AR is back on the agenda, and this year has its best chance of breaking into mainstream.

Five ways augmented reality will change the way you use your mobile

Augmented reality has evolved from a science fiction theory to a reality based on facts. Until recently, the cost of augmented reality was so high that developers could only dream of working on design projects that included it. Today things have changed and reality is even available on the mobile phone. This means that the design for augmented reality is now available for all shapes and sizes of UX designers.


Measure the world around you:-

Despite whether you are wondering about the height of a tree or the size of your kitchen, with AR you can evaluate the length, height, width, and volume without having to take a tape measure, or risk climbing a ladder. However, hold in mind that although AR measurement applications are regularly improving, actual measuring instruments are even more perfect when you need precise numbers.

Apple and Google, for example, have their Own identical measurement applications to boost iPhone and Android users expand the world around them.

Designing the surroundings:-

If you've ever wondered what your bedroom will look like in blue, take a look at the ColorSnap Viewer for Android or iOS. It has a function called Instant Paint that provides you to choose a color and see how it looks on your walls.

It can be difficult to decorate. Buying expensive paint without knowing if it really fits the curtains in your dining room can be stressful, as you might wonder if that new and vibrant furniture will be an object that will separate your living room or simply an unnecessary concern. AR is here to help. You can preview new colors for your walls or place furniture to see how it looks.

Socialization with your friends:-

Maybe you didn’t know it, One of the leading applications is Snapchat, which is available for Android and iOS, the first use of AR in applications.

Being able to drop 3D objects and stickers to a photo or video may seem gimmicky at first, but you just need to see at the success of Snapchat's filters and lenses to actualize that sharing is a lot more fun with AR. Following in the footsteps of Snapchat, Instagram (for Android and iOS) also has a lot to offer to AR fans.

Navigation to your destination:-

If you're using the navigation app to walk somewhere, you'll see the Start AR button that opens the AR view. It includes large path arrows and street signs that float in the air in front of you as you look through your camera. Navigation to your destination. Google Maps for Android and iOS, for example, have recently moved out AR-assisted walking paths. It's easier to find your way around the world while AR drives a shotgun.

Whether you're searching for the nearest coffee shop or trying to find your way around a theme park, augmented reality will take your navigation apps to the next level you won't have to look down on the informant to find your way, because you'll be able to lift your phone up in front of you and overlay a map of the real world, let you know precisely where you need to turn left or right.

Playing Games:-

Last but not least, game developers soon take advantage of the possibilities given by AR, creating experiences that make use of the real world, as well as the worlds formed by your smartphone.

We've already seen the incredible effect that Pokémon GO had on the mobile gaming landscape, but it's really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of AR and gaming. In addition to funny cartoon characters walking around the street in front of you, enemy tanks can come around the corner or aliens can fall from space - it's just a question of where the designers want to take the AR software in the future.


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