Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Applications

Most small business owners do not realize how much of this marketing potential has untapped potential, Also for small businesses. Moreover mainly for local businesses. If you are in charge of marketing for an SME, you are probably wondering if your business needs a mobile application development. With about 1.4 million applications in Google Play and the App Store, you can also think that the market is saturated. Or maybe you have already invested time and resources in creating an incredible mobile website, so your customers are covered when they want information on going about your business.

With built-in features such as biometrics, Geolocation, sensors, and cameras, the possibilities are virtually endless. You’re still wondering if your small business needs a mobile app.

But I own a website, why I require a mobile application?
This is a general problem for SMEs with insufficient sources and funds. The big advantage is that mobile marketing with websites and apps is not a unique proposition; In fact, a mobile website and native app work hand-in-hand to achieve your marketing goals and advance your revenue goals. Here’s an overview of the features and benefits of mobile websites and mobile apps.

Advantages of marketing on mobile apps vs. other marketing elements
Social media vs. mobile marketing

Social media is still a new medium and many small businesses are presently beginning to test their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s a free way to get visibility for your application. The competition here is tough, though, and it’s not just about your retail competitors. When users use social media, they generally do not want to buy. They are there to meet their friends, check what’s going on in the world, or post updates on what’s going on in their lives.

Email Marketing vs. mobile marketing

Email marketing is a long-standing standby that still works today for many businesses. But even if someone subscribes to your list, there is no guarantee that they will see your email. And if they see your email, there is no guarantee that they will read it. With the mobile application, you have something called push notifications. This is an update that you get on your smartphone to let you know something new is happening in one of your applications. With Facebook, you might get push notifications to let you know that someone tagged you in a post or sent you a message. Your calendar can send push notifications to remind you of an event. Your application can send push notifications for several reasons that you will specify.

Planning a Small Business Mobile App

After you decide which application is the right step for your business, the first step of your application team is to make a list of what your application wants to achieve. These usually fall into one of three categories: Acquisitions, engagements, and conversions. After you set your goals, consider the features your application needs to achieve them.

Some of the most popular application features today include:
Push notifications

This is one of the most useful features of the application because it enables fast, relevant and relevant on-demand communication. Combined with location-based messaging, push notifications can provide a unique, personalized experience.

Geolocation and integration of maps

Know exactly where your customers are and give them detailed instructions to find you. Take advantage of vouchers or location-based incentives, or notify staff when a VIP customer enters your store.

Mobile Purchasing / Mobile Payments

It’s a must-have feature for most mobile apps payment process, allowing your customers to shop and purchase your products and services as simple as possible.

Social integration

Integrate all your social media platforms and facilitate communication between your customers and their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

One-touch contact

This should be obvious, but do not forget to include all your contact information: one-click call, e-mail, and social login. Why not add step by step instructions with just one tap?

Virtual reality

Ever wanted to show a client what she looked like in a new hairstyle? Or maybe convince a customer that a black leather sofa would look great in his living room? For some companies, these interactive features are a huge marketing tool and a way to increase engagement.

Smart Sync and Smart Updates

Automatically post updates and sync the content of all your digital channels with your mobile app. Once you have defined what you want your application to do and the features you want to include.

While small businesses have been somewhat hesitant in the past to enter the mobile application market, highly mobile consumers are making competition in the mobile market needs for trades of all sizes. Having a mobile website is a good start, but a mobile app gives you the edge over creating a highly committed and loyal customer base.

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