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Are you finding ways to recover the kid’s lost phone? Relax! Get it back with the Anti-Theft mobile app.

What if someday your child loses their cell phone? So, will you scold your kid or take prompt actions to recover the device?

When you hear about a missing phone, your eyes get wider in shock because the pocket-sized device holds enormous data of digital life. The gadget carries every record of the posts on Facebook, shop from Amazon, restaurant preference, bank details, and much more.

Thus, it is necessary to act quickly to keep strangers away from using the cellphone’s information, to retrieve the videos/images and obviously to recover the lost phone. So,  what actions will you take? Check it out here.

Anti-Theft Mobile Trackers - Smart Solution To Recover The Missing Device

Anti-Theft Mobile Trackers is a software application that helps you to find the device which may have stolen, lost or misplaced. The app is enabled with GPS tool.

However, Anti-Theft mobile app functionalities vary with each software. 

Thus, from the plethora of apps, which one will you pick? Let's find out.

Bit Guardian Parental Control - Multipurpose software

It is a software that is established to help you manage your kid's digital lives. As a concerned parent, when you seek to monitor and control the child’s online movements, Bit Guardian Parental Control comes in rescue.

It is a program designed for Android users that includes manifold tools to serve you with the best. Although comprehensive, this software is easy to operate.

You can perform various functions with the help of this application that helps you to control the screen time of children, apps usage, and many more. 

One of the most prominent features this multipurpose software offers is the Anti-Theft tool. 

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Anti-Theft tool: There are certain circumstances where your child may have missed the cellphone. Few of such cases are listed down:

  • Forgets at school or visitor’s place.

  • Stolen by pickpockets.

  • Left at the counter of any store or mall.

  • Tucked in the couch, etc.

If you have checked all the possibilities and still unable to find the device, then it's time to adopt a technological solution to detect the instrument. Here Anti-Theft tool is the need of the hour.

The anti-theft tool can locate the mobile using GPS where the address of the lost device can be seen on the map. You can also make a ring to your kid’s missing device to reconfirm if it is lying in the house itself. Or, if a call gets attended, ask the receiver to recover the phone.

When the device is out of your reach, you may worry about the data stored in it. Child’s mobile may contain various photos, videos, easily accessible banking account details, contact lists, and much more.

This software works excellent to detect the lost device, and also offers other features to combat mobile addiction in children.

App Blocker: It is a useful tool to block the harmful applications on kid’s mobile.

Time Schedule: To curb the excessive screen time of your child, the Time Schedule tool comes in rescue.

Panic and SOS Alert: When your child faces any dangerous situation, they can reach to you with one click of SOS Alert. It sends the exact location and also allows you to add another responsible person as a guardian if you can't reach your child.

Hence, to protect the data, Anti-Theft mobile tracker allows you to apply Factory Reset tool. It will erase the data to safeguard from thieves.

What else do you need when all your requirements are fulfilled by one software - Bit Guardian Parental Control. Recover the stolen/ lost phone with this app’s Anti-Theft tool that recovers not only the device but also protects the misuse of data.

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