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WhatsApp to computer and phone

How to use WhatsApp on your computer and which version to choose. There are two options: the browser version and the installation of a special WhatsApp plugin.

WhatsApp on a smartphone and on a computer can be downloaded not only from the official website, but also use third-party resources, which are abundant on the Internet. Our detailed step-by-step instructions will allow you to install the messenger on your device.
You can use WhatsApp Web both on a computer and on a laptop. If you do not want to install the WhatsApp plugin on Windows, then you can use the browser version.
A large number of people do not want to use WhatsApp due to the update of the user agreement policy and began to choose other messengers GB WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram. But the other part is still using WhatsApp and is not going anywhere yet.

WhatsApp Web for computer

WhatsApp Web for a computer is installed as a separate software. The speed of typing messages on the virtual keyboard is much slower than on the keyboard of your computer. WhatsApp Web prevails over the browser version in terms of zero CPU usage and minimal RAM.

This means that WhatsApp can work on all devices, both mobile and stationary. And that's cool. The only difference between the mobile version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web is that the video call function will not be available to you on the computer version.

How do I sign in to my WhatsApp Web account on my laptop or PC?

You need to install the mobile client on your smartphone and open the software on your PC. Next, the user needs to launch the WhatsApp application, go to the settings of the mobile version and select WhatsApp Web. Point the phone at the monitor and read the QR code that appears on it. After a couple of seconds, both your devices are synchronized with each other, and the WhatsApp working field will appear, where you can correspond with your loved ones and colleagues.

WhatsApp Web is a program for a computer that allows you to simultaneously open a WhatsApp account on several devices at the same time.
Using the program, you can send contacts to other users, share screenshots or different images, send voice messages chatting with friends or family, insert funny emoticons, hearts, animals, etc. into text messages.
To activate a WhatsApp Web account on your laptop or desktop computer, you first need to install the mobile version of WhatsApp on your android device. Next, you need to log in, or rather synchronize the devices. To do this, open the Watsap application on your mobile and scan the QR code from the official page.

Five steps to install WhatsApp Web.

Download software on a PC.
Install the messenger on your computer.
Open the WhatsApp Web mobile application.
Read QR code
Synchronize devices.

Do not forget to connect the Internet for communication. Your phone must be turned on and within a couple of meters from the PC for stable synchronization.

What's new in WhatsApp Web:

• Fixed bugs and minor bugs.
• Productivity has reached a new level.
• Synchronization speed has increased significantly.
• Added new emoticons and icons.
• You can now send voice messages.

Your phone must be constantly switched on, and the mobile WhatsApp must be in working mode. If you sign out of WhatsApp on your phone, the connection with your computer will be lost. This means that the computer version of WhatsApp simply won't work.

Is it convenient to use Whatsapp on a computer? Definitely, the answer is YES. At the very least, this is convenient because you will be typing text many times faster and T9 will not interfere with you. You don't have to constantly look away from the monitor to view messages on your phone, just open a tab on your PC and read the message.

If you are visiting or at someone else's computer, then do not use the program, but rather use the version for the browser. To do this, open your browser and write a request in the search bar “Whatsapp Web”. On the first line, the official Whatsapp website will appear. Open it and scan the QR code.

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