Developing A Fitness App

Developing A Fitness App: List Of Essential Features Needed For Success

Nowadays, fitness apps are a great startup idea for developers who have a deep knowledge of this niche.

Fitness apps are small smart applications that help in raising the guidelines of wellness as a majority of the users can follow the best diet and plans regarding exercises and workouts with a tap on their smartphones. Health IT solutions are gaining a fast pace nowadays because people are much more aware of their physical and mental well-being in this age of stress, anxiety and work issues.

Features to be added to a fitness app

For any fitness app development company, it is necessary to follow some pattern so that their app does not lag behind among fellow competitors. The app must be user-friendly, easy to use and suitable for all age groups. The essential features needed for the success of this app are as follows:

1. Customized Diet Plans

The fitness apps may be considered similar to those of fitness coaches in the gym. Incorporating customized diet plans can prove to be a very beneficial feature as far as fitness application development is concerned. This feature will help the users in the creation of a diet plan that suits their body, health, and daily activities. Customized diet plans can give the user the benefit of picking their ingredients and choosing the recipe as per preference and requirement. This feature can also include affordable options in the app by suggesting the food that suits the pocket of the user. 

2. Sharing option on social media

Social sharing is one of the most important features of any application nowadays. As far as fitness application development is considered, this may act as a game-changer for startups. The community-based features give the user a chance to compete with their friends and family members. This competition can be on the basis of levels of difficulties and various other playful activities. It is a proven fact that users like to share their achievements with others. It helps them to stay concerned and motivated about new accomplishments.

Other than community-based sharing, sharing in social media platforms is another good idea. The more the number of people get to see the new accomplishments, the higher is reach of fitness application. The sharing option also increases the consistency among users and they feel more energetic and happy to share their new milestones. It also helps the users to exchange valuable information and tips regarding health with like-minded people. Health IT solutions are providing users with a variety of healthier options that taste good as well as are cost-efficient.

3. Reminders and push notifications

People are generally working day and night nowadays. In this lifestyle of rush and chaos, they might miss a session. People who work out consistently do not like to miss sessions. In that case, push notifications and reminders come into play. The fitness application may show a pop-up message for an exercise session, meals and other relevant things. It can be exceptionally helpful to the users. This may also help to create a routine.

Fitness app development companies must take care of one thing. They must not send too many push notifications. This may result is frustration and the user may leave the app forever. For a great audience base, it is important to keep the users engaged with the help of relevant and catchy notifications and messages. Push notifications can also show the offers and discount on membership programs of fitness applications.

4. Gamification

Gamification has the ability to make any app fun and interesting. It also helps in the formation of habits. Using the concept of gamification, the developers can add fun factors to the processing of the app. This feature makes the app more user-friendly and engaging. It is a well-known fact that games that include competitions are even more exciting. Gamification can also include various options like leaderboards, badges, progress bars and many more. It is a nice way to gather the audience and keep them engaged and motivated at the same time.

5. Geolocation

Geolocation is the feature that makes the users capable of following their walking tracks and record workout sessions. Fitness trainer app development plays a major role here. The fitness app can leverage this platform well and enables the user to track their performances and other fitness activities with the passage of time. This feature not only helps the user to recall their important activities and exercise sessions but also gives appropriate notifications based on locations.

6. Integration with wearable devices

Wearable devices are in trend right now. The integration of fitness applications with wearable devices can act as icing to the cake. It helps the user to stay connected with external gadgets. This can make them able to schedule activities, keep a look at their workout data by a week, month or year basis.  Smart wearables such as Apple’s Healthkit or Google Fit can be used as a wearable product. Integrating them during fitness application development can increase potential exponentially.

7. Tracker and goal setting feature

This is one of the must-have features of any fitness application. It is especially for the startups that help the user to track workout processes. It may also help in highlighting the objectives for the users. This motivates the users to do better and compare their actual performance with their goals. Additionally, this feature helps to check the total steps of an entire day along with calories burned while walking, cycling and running throughout the day. This feature may make the application unique from others.


Fitness trainer app development is the need of an hour right now. By implementing useful features and neglecting the irrelevant ones, any startup can stand out in the competition. Along with meaningful features, the layout of the app is another important aspect. The UI/UX of the app must be interactive, motivating and captivating. This may also attract a huge number of the potential audience. While developing a fitness application, it is important to keep in mind the needs of the users and changes in trends in order to give people what they need.

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