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Why Everyone Wants To Create An App Like TikTok?

It is the latest trend among users of different age groups coming from different walks of life. But one aspect that really bangs in your head, is that why everyone admires an app like TikTok?

The world of social media is growing exponentially, and there is no means that it is getting stopped anywhere.

The reasons are multiple, since users get the best of the services, and get the entertainment on their fingertips. And there are many TikTok like applications in this run, which are engaging the users.

Today with this post, we are going to discuss the talk of the town, and that is none other than TikTok!

Yes, you must have heard it. 

It is the latest trend among users of different age groups coming from different walks of life. But one aspect that really bangs in your head, is that why everyone admires an app like TikTok?

Let’s find out further with this post…

What is the TikTok app?

Indeed TikTok is the latest trend in the market, and ask anyone around you, and you would find them engrossed within this app.

Although, when a new app gets launched in the market, there are multiple aspects involved within it. 

And the engaging features of the TikTok app are sufficient enough to make everyone go crazy about it.

TikTok has its origin from China, that allows the users to create short and engaging music videos and share them further with their friends and loved ones.

In simpler words, this music video platform has garnered the attention from the wider userbase, and the credit gores tot its functionalities and features. 

Today TikTok is one of the most valuable apps across the globe. And it has received 1 billion downloads, and the number of active users on this app is above 500 million per month. 

But it doesn’t stop here, it is stated that around 52 minutes on an average, every user spends on this app daily.

And hold your hearts to know that by the first half of 2019, global Tik Tok revenue had reached $39 Billion.


Did it just slip out of your mouth!

Well, it is expected, because this very app is becoming popular every passing day, and the reasons are very much visible behind its success.

Let’s figure out how to develop and app like TikTok, with this post further…

Features required to build an app like TikTok

Sign-up & Login- This feature helps you to access the app. Although it is the basic feature, but it must be developed with consideration, that it doesn’t give inconvenience to the users. Keep it as simple as possible.

Hearts and Commenting- With this feature, the users can apply hearts on the video. Also, users can save, and leave a heart, on the specific video and the profile. 

Video Editing- Herr users can make their videos engaging, and interesting features such as animations, filters, and stickers can be added to make the video look more engaging.

Settings- Within the settings section, users get multiple options to change their profile picture, change the password, choose between a private or a public account, block users, switch the language and many other features.

Sharing- TikTok gives the option to the users to share their video with an easy tap on social media, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and even email.

Face Filters and Effects- This feature is very engaging just like the Snapchat filters. With this feature, users can include different features, such as zoom, flash, slow-mo or reverse, there are face filters and effects as well. And to keep the excitement more, this feature also includes split-screen, cat faces, or Valentine day filters, and any other filter fitting the special day.

Notifications- The real-time notifications help the user to stay updated about their likes, followers, and tags.

Upload Video and Sound- Users can upload video and sound. It can be based on the trending sounds, and use other voices as well.

Duet Option- In this feature, users get the option to create a video and use the hashtag #duetwithme, and in return, other TikTok users can duet with the song.

Now you must have got a clear idea that why users prefer to use a TikTok app since there is a great range of benefits associated with it. However, one question that remains intact is that how much does it cost to build an app like TikTok?

Yes, the cost is the most asked question, and sadly there is no fixed cost answer to it. As there are many factors which in total affect the cost of the app, and ca spike it to another level.

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