Create your fascinating gift card boxes for wedding

Create your fascinating gift card boxes for wedding

All about Wedding Card Boxes

Flowers, dresses, venue and so many arrangements make your wedding event perfect. But there is something needed to add some more charm in wedding events and that shows your personality in the wedding. Yes, you guess right, it is the wedding card box. The card boxes customized according to your personality, event and theme of the wedding. These boxes can be filled added to your gift table and can be decorated with additional stuff like flowers, laces, beads, gems and etc. wedding boxes serve as the preview of the wedding.


Metal: Metallic cages, bowls, boxes and many other designs can be planned and created to serve as wedding boxes. These boxes go perfect with floral themes. The thing can be decorated with flowers, artificial birds and so many things.

Wood: There are many ideas with wood. The wood material can be used with baskets, boxes of different styles, locked boxes and many other things that can have engrave name, design and other decorative to add charm on the gift table.

Double wall corrugated boxes: this material can be used in vast ideas and many designs and styles can be created with corrugated boxes. Specifically double wall boxes are stiff to hold the design, decoration and other things. It can have different shapes like square or round, different styles like a box house and etc.

Glass: Wooden frame shaped with glass to look like mini green house or a aquarium for a beach themed wedding is a perfect fit for the gift table of your wedding. The box can be decorated with multiple things but the elegance can be presented with right color choice for the frame and make it perfect.


As flowers, wedding card boxes are also served as decorative pieces. It should be compatible with the wedding theme to look elegant and it should be designed to make a trailer version of your whole wedding so the theme of the wedding should be represented with the first glance on wedding card box.

Printed: The boxes can be printed with names or images according to the wedding theme. Printed corrugated boxes are the preeminent among other styles if you really want a colorful or vibrant theme.

Colors: Wooden looks good even in its natural color, metal stuff can color with shiners and glitters, and glass does not need any color. So if you chosen a energetic theme of wedding or want something energizing in your sober wedding party choose corrugated boxes because they are most likely to be compatible with every theme and color look good with them.

Text: the date of wedding, names of groom and bride, or a nice message is decent to read and add elegance and charm to the boxes. The text can be printed, engraved, tagged or hanged with the boxes depending on the style of the box and the theme of the event.

Decoration:  There is so much stuff that can be added to make the box more attractive. Gems, flowers, stones, beads, ribbon, colorful fabric or sheet or even colorful string can increase the charm of these boxes.

Place your order:

There are many online providers who offer card boxes for wedding with custom designs. You can also option to retail the boxes after ordering your very own customized boxes. The cheap corrugated boxes are also available on the online stores which can be DIY customized to give elegant look and theme combination. The other types of card boxes can also be made through DIYs but corrugated boxes can be easily found in the market if you want to design and create in bulk.


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