Things you should know before doing lip filler treatment.

 Introduction-Lips are the centre of attraction for each individual we see. Cuteness seems to be somewhat directly proportional to the beauty of your lips. That’s precisely why most women don’t hesitate to expend lakhs of money to get better lips. 

Prefer experienced surgeon

Lip fillers london treatment is a very tender job. A slight mistake can sink dream vessel. The amount of filler to be applied differs from person to person. So it’s surgeon’s call to decide how much is to be added. The placement of the filler is also crucial as filling in the wrong site can result in uneven looking lips.

Go slow 

Taking slow and partial filling more than once is better than filling all at once. You can take the second half of the filling after a couple of weeks.

Decide the right size 

You have to decide the right size of your lips. People usually end-up unsatisfied by the filling due to over-filling or under-filling. It would help if you communicated your need to the surgeon. You can either get your lips filled directly or through the rim for a natural and convincing look.

pre and post-preparations 

There are certain things which you must care not to do about a day before the filling. It would help if you restrained from consuming alcohol or coffee, which promote swelling. You have to avoid any aspirin, anti-inflammatory like Aleve, fish oil or multivitamins, which increases the blood flow and cause redness and bruising. It would help if you asked your surgeon to provide you with some medications to reduce bruising.

Choice of type of filter 

There are loads of varieties of fillers available in the market. The most popular being the ones with hyaluronic acid like Juvederm for its anti-aging perks besides its moisturising effect. Different types claim different results so better decide it with your surgeon.

Quick procedure and sooner results 

The process is rapid, and the results are visible very soon, unlike the painful surgical operations. You would need to direct the surgeon for the placement of the filling. Once marked with a marker, your job is done. Whether or not to inject directly on the lips is your call, it doesn’t make much of a difference anyway.

Avoid numbing creams 

Most people prefer to use a numbing cream to reduce the pain sensation around the lips. Please avoid it as it tends to cause swelling. The pain is reportedly quite much though.


Though the side-effects are not much talked about, still there are some chances of an allergic reaction which could turn into an infection. Consult your surgeon and make sure you are compatible with the procedure.

Expensive Indeed 

The effects may be appealing, but everything especially related to cosmetics comes with a price. Their procedures are quite costly.



In case of any mishap, the effects of fillers consisting of hyaluronic acid can be reversed by degrading agent enzyme called hyaluronidase.


Lip enhancement is a common procedure today that is aesthetic. Although numerous cosmetic and plastic that is facial offer this service, it is crucial for those considering the system to consult with an experienced aesthetic doctor at My Pure Aesthetics. While prices for the procedure can vary in one provider to the following, you need to pick a surgeon based on experience and recommendation that is patient rather than the costs.

In terms of procedures like lip improvement, which uses a variety of techniques, patients should discover about all options that exist and carefully consider doctor recommendations. If it is performed expertly, lip improvement can have an impact that is deemed to be positive a person's appearance and outlook. Pucker Up!


Before arriving into any decision, you should spend good time thinking and researching about all the possible results and be prepared for the best as well as worst-case scenarios. Expert advice is of paramount importance. 

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