Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

The 189 Visa is a changeless visa that enables skilled laborers to live in Australia. 


This visa furnishes the holder with Australian perpetual residency without any conditions. The holder can live and work in any place they like in Australia. In spite of the fact that the visa is conceded dependent on the holder being skilled in a particular occupation, once in truth, the visa doesn't expect you to look for or keep up work in this occupation.  


There are essential necessities you should meet to apply for this visa. You should: 

  • be welcome to apply 

  • be more youthful than 50 years old when you are welcome to apply 

  • assign an occupation that matches your abilities and capabilities and is on the important skilled occupation list 

  • have your abilities evaluated by the important surveying authority as appropriate for your selected occupation 

  • have at any rate skillful English 

  • score at any rate 60 on the focuses test 

  • meet the wellbeing and character prerequisites 

Am I Eligible for a 189 Visa? 

So as to fit the bill for a 189 visa, you should show that you meet the accompanying least qualification prerequisites: 

  • Stopped an Expression of Interest (EOI) and get a greeting by the Department to apply. 

  • That you have selected an occupation from the applicable skilled occupation list. 

  • Gotten an appropriate aptitudes evaluation for your named occupation under three years prior, in view of the variables in the focuses test underneath: 

  • Age 

  • English language capacity 

  • Past Australian and Overseas skilled work understanding 

  • Global Qualifications 

  • Australian examination necessities and grants 

  • Credentialed people group language capabilities 

  • Territorial Australian Study 

  • Life partner expertise capabilities 

  • Proficient year in Australia 

  • Have a passing score in the skilled relocation focuses test – the present least score is 60. 

  • That you are more youthful than 45 years old when you are welcome to apply for this visa. 

  • In the event that you don't hold a USA, UK, NZ, Canadian or Irish visa, you should have at any rate 'equipped' English language capacity at the time you are welcome to apply – you will require a score of in any event 6 in every part of the IELTS, or comparable score in any acknowledged English test. 

  • Meet certain wellbeing and character prerequisites. 

  • You more likely than not stopped the 189 visa application inside 60 days of your challenge to apply 


On the off chance that you are welcome to apply for this visa, you will at that point have 60 days in which to hold up your online application. Your greeting letter will clarify the lodgment procedure you ought to follow. You can be in or outside Australia when you stop your application.

Solicitations depend on claims made in your Expression of Interest at the time you are welcome to apply. Your application must mirror the data gave in your Expression of Interest, and be bolstered by pertinent proof. 

On the off chance that in the wake of getting two solicitations to apply for a visa you don't make a visa application, your Expression of Interest will be expelled from SkillSelect. 

Give significant records 

You should give reports that demonstrate the cases you made in your Expression of Interest. These are recognized and clarified in the Document Checklist. This agenda likewise clarifies extra prerequisites and whether you have to give unique archives or guaranteed duplicates. 

Any report in a language other than English must be joined by an English interpretation that has been finished by an interpreter who has been authorizing by an association, for example, National Accreditation Authority for Translations and Interpreters (NAATI). Interpretations done by an interpreter not certify by NAATI must incorporate that individual's complete name, address, phone number, and subtleties of their capabilities and involvement with the language being deciphered. 

Every single supporting archive ought to be filtered and transferred with your application. 

The division will tell you in the event that they need more data as well as documentation. 

  • Incorporate relatives 
  • You can remember the accompanying relatives for your visa application: 
  • accomplice 
  • yours or your accomplice's needy youngster 
  • yours or your accomplice's reliant family member 

These relatives must meet certain prerequisites. If it's not too much trouble read the 'Remembering subordinate relatives' for your application and 'verification of reliance' for more subtleties. 

Utilize accommodating data 

Data to help set up your application has guidance on affirmed records, statutory revelations, interpreting archives, speaking with the office, utilizing a movement operator, approving someone else to get data from the division, and getting help with your application. In order to lodge your visa, you can seek help from Migration Agent Perth for lodging your visa. 

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