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5 basic accounting programs for SMEs

Every Business needs good accounting software or a service, we have mentioned here some of the best software and services that have would help them to get ease on accounting and bookkeeping services.

5 basic accounting programs for SMEs

Basic accounting programs for the company are one of the most demanded software on the net, where we can even download them thanks to their free license. However, it is not always easy to find the ideal program to adapt to the way we work and satisfy our needs, however basic they may be. Below we suggest five basic accounting programs for SMEs that can be very useful to facilitate our accounting work. Its features are varied, some free or others paid, but they all have in common their functionality and ease of use.

As an entrepreneur or freelancer, an important part of your business is accounting. And from accounting, unlike the plague, you cannot run away. Or you can do it, but with undesirable consequences.

The Internet has made life easier for all of us. Everything is achievable with one click. And like in all aspects of the economy, the internet has also broken into the world of accounting.

The result has been the appearance in recent years of different accounting programs that aim to simplify procedures as complex as accounting.

If for us it is important to be able to resolve doubts and have a technical service or other additional services, the payment options will be more interesting, although when choosing a program it is important to try several and finally choose the one that best suits what we are looking for. If our SME requires a basic accounting program, without special requirements, one or even several of the following five options will most likely be useful : 

1. Serrato SME Accounting: Billing program that facilitates the accounting of SMEs. Powerful and simple, Accounting Serrato PyMe includes a search engine and divides its multiple functions into modules that divide tasks into sections, among others: accounting, banks, accounts receivable, sales, batch invoicing, balance sheet, inventories, production, administration, cost centers, taxes, withholdings, budgets, control of product series, monthly financial statements. Its download is free. 

2. ContaSOL: Complete accounting program, with an attractive and comfortable interface, that performs automated entries of entries, reports and includes an income tax model, and makes configurable models of balances. It also facilitates VAT settlement and helps to keep company accounts with a very visual and intuitive interface. ContaSOL is free in its basic version, but there is the option of accessing a series of additional paid services. 

3. SeniorConta: Free and widely accepted, SeniorContaallows to carry out the basic accounting of the company, with the advantage of including a series of extra functionalities that can be useful in a specific way, with which we can generate reports or carry out diagnoses and statistics to detect irregularities. It is multi-user and the content (lists of clients, suppliers, bills of exchange and payment, invoices, etc.) is accessed through the toolbar. 

4. Sico: Accounting program for SMEs in Spanish, with a simple and attractive interface. It has different specific versions for different needs. Sicooffers solutions adapted to the small business, which translates into a practical and simple program, which covers the accounting needs of an SME. Speed ​​in invoice management, payment control and technical service with online resolution of doubts. 

5. Contasimple Windows: Designed for small businesses and freelancers, Contasimple Windows is a program designed for users without accounting knowledge. Streamline processes and have control of accounting, calculate taxes, know the global status of accounting, create invoices quickly and easily are some of its features, as well as being free.


6. eBetterBooks: eBetterBooks is an Online Bookkeeping and Accounting service in the USA. They have enabled geo location-wise accounting which helps a customer to get easy communication with their bookkeepers.

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