A Basic Guide About Demo Saw Hire

It is impossible to cut the concrete base or surfaces of an existing foundation without a demo saw and you must choose the best quality saw from a demo saw hire company for the same.

Construction projects involve lots of processes such as preparing the land, digging, excavating, cutting, and many more. As far as the process of cutting is concerned, there are some specific equipment that is used to cut concrete blocks or concrete surfaces during a construction project. This equipment is known as a demo saw. They are basically used to cut the concrete and make some holes or penning on the concrete surfaces. The demo saw or demolition saws are the traditional tools that can cut the rough surface, and you can use these demo saws to cut the corners of concrete blocks and give a refined finish to your reinforced concretes. But, you cannot use a circular demo saw for the same because it creates a huge amount of dust and your workers can suffer from breathing problems. With improvement in the saw technology, now you will find a diamond blade in the demo saw and this is a better option as it doesn’t create much dust while using. Thus,  you can keep your workers safe by using a demo saw designed with a diamond blade. 

However, it is really expensive to buy such demo saws and it is not advisable to buy such machines for small demolition or construction businesses. Therefore, you can go for the demo saw hire services to take their demo saws on rent. Demo saws are essential for demolition and renovation projects because it involves changing the entire existing structure. It is impossible to cut the concrete base or surfaces of an existing foundation without a demo saw and you must choose the best quality saw from a demo saw hire company for the same.

Different Types of Demo Saws Available Online:

Nowadays, various types of demo saws are available in the market, and you can choose them either for dry sawing or wet sawing. You can use a saw for drilling and cutting hard materials like concrete or stones. You can also use a handheld demo saw for your small project, but a walk-behind saw can save your time and cost. Demo saw hire services can offer some advanced models and you can run them by electricity or gasoline also. Before you choose a demo saw, you need to know the usage of saws. Here, you can find some information about demo saw methods: 

  • You can use the dry sawing process for your outdoor projects. You can use a demo saw for cutting and shaping outdoor hard materials like pavement, tiles, and stones. But, you should not breathe in the dust when you use a saw as the dry sawing process can create serious health hazards. In this case, you can search for the best demo saw hire services that offer saws designed with diamond blades. These saws are dust resistant and you can use them in your outdoors without polluting the air.
  • Wet sawing is an environmentally friendly process where less amount of dust is produced. Wet sawing is mainly used for concrete cutting and you won’t face the issue of overheating here. When you use water, the blade remains cool and you can keep your workers safe from dust and dirt.
  • If you want to cut steel and reinforced concrete then you need to use a wire saw. You can use this saw to give different types of shapes to your steel and concrete, and you can find diamond embedded cables in these saws. You can choose the best wire saw offered by professional demo saw hire services and you can use them to minimize wastage. Wire sawing is an anti-vibrating technique where you can drill some holes on hard surfaces without any noise and vibration.
  • Other than this, you will need a floor saw for creating holes on the road and concrete floors. You can use these saws for cutting the concrete slabs and you can give precise cuts to your concrete flat surfaces. 

Apart from this, you can find wall saws, track saws, and ring saws in the market. You can contact a professional demo saw hire service provider to help you choose the right type of saw according to your project requirement.

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