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5 Helpful Tips to Launch an SEO Campaign That Can Grow Your Business

Do you own or manage a business in Utah? If you do, you have probably heard the term SEO mentioned along with digital marketing, search rankings, and other terms related to the internet.

Do you own or manage a business in Utah? If you do, you have probably heard the term SEO mentioned along with digital marketing, search rankings, and other terms related to the internet.

But if you are like most people in Utah, you probably don’t know much beyond the fact that it can help your business thrive in a world driven by digital technology and increasing customer expectations.

How do you implement it? How can you use it to grow your brand? These are some of the burning questions that, once answered, could take your business to the next level.

Check out these tips that can help you put together an effective SEO campaign in collaboration with a utah seo agency that will grow your business.

  1. Boost Your Site’s Loading Speed By Removing Everything That Slow It Down

SEO is ever-evolving, changing as new search algorithms or consumer trends emerge. However, there are some basic things about SEO that never change.

One is the fact that you need to optimize your website’s loading speed. This is crucial in providing a pleasant user experience for all your visitors.

Online consumers are a different breed compared to the traditional buyer in a retail store. They want certain things, and they want them fast.

Studies show that you lose 7% of your conversions for every second of delay on your page loading time.

You can avoid this by removing non-essential features and elements that bog down your site. This includes deactivating unnecessary plugins and decluttering your sidebar.


  1. Publish Content for Your Target Audience First and Search Engines Second

Search engines use complex algorithms to decide whether or not a page and its content are relevant to a user’s search query. This puts them in a better position to help the users.

The problem is that some people make the mistake of trying to appease the search engine gods over their readers. This includes questionable strategies like keyword stuffing.

Not only are these tactics ineffective, but they can be harmful to your search rankings. Search engines are getting smarter, and they can see if your content has actual value for its potential reader or not. The worse thing is that your target audience will not find it useful either.

The best approach is to create content with the intent of helping your target audience before worrying about what search engines might think.

Besides, what is good for your customer is also good for search engines.

  1. Link to Other Websites With Useful Content That is Relevant to Yours

If you feel that linking to other websites is not good for you, think again. While it does take your visitor away from your pages and onto another website, it ultimately helps the reader.

Why is this important?

Link building is at the core of an effective SEO strategy. As mentioned before, search engines are constantly looking for ways to improve user experience, and this is one of them.

In addition, you can’t expect other websites to link their pages to yours if you are not willing to do it for them.

The catch in this strategy is that you have to make sure that you are linking to a page that offers great value to its readers. One quality backlink is worth more than dozens of poor-quality links. 



  1. Use the Right Keywords at the Right Places

Even as you focus on writing for your target audience and search engines, you must not forget that at the middle of it all are your keywords. It is what drives an effective SEO campaign, generating much more traffic than organic social media ever could.

However, keep in mind that it is not about quantity but about quality.

Use the latest SEO tools to identify the search intent of your target audience and to build your seed keywords. From there, you can zero in on the search terms that best match your intended readers.

Also, flinging your keywords left and right without considering the quality of your content will frustrate your readers. Search engines will be equally unsatisfied, penalizing your pages with a lower search ranking. 

  1. Stay Updated With Changes in the Search Algorithms

While it is important to not lose sight of the Utah SEO fundamentals, you must be open to all the new things that search engines throw your way. Your success will depend to some extent on how well you keep up with core updates and even tweaks that often happen.

You should subscribe to reputable websites and forums that keep track of these changes. You could also keep in touch with your trusted Utah-based SEO agency.  

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