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5 Keys to Hire a Web Development Company

Are you looking to hire a web development company? Before that you should know about these top 5 tips that will help you to hire a best web development company for your business.


When hiring the website development company, many clients make many mistakes that doom their investment to failure. Watch out!

In the process of developing your future web page, the right choice when hiring the web development company or independent web developer, to make your company's strategy successful on the internet, is key and, surely, one of the most important investments of your business.

What does the website development company do?

When hiring the web development company, it is done to develop the style of the web page. So, it defines the shapes, the colors, and distribution of the space. It can be said that he is the one who designs and assembles the website. Pay attention to this definition, because it is possible that you had another idea in your head.
That is, a web page developer does not program the web page, nor does he make changes at the programming level. Or, at least, it is not something they are used to doing, although it can always be done by web developers who have also been trained in web programming.

In the same way, a web development company does not know about digital marketing and does not understand commercial strategies based on web positioning (SEO), or campaigns on social networks.

That is, a web developer is hired as the artist who is going to translate your ideas, needs and objectives into a web page. But it does not "come out" of what the web page is.

5 tips and keys to hiring your website development company:

  • Try to get the web developer to build your business and your commercial strategy

You must bear in mind that the web developer is just a tool, a person who executes and shapes your business strategy in the form of a web page.

The worst decision of all is, without a doubt, hiring the website development company to be the one who decides how to sell your product, your business strategy. In fact, just thinking about it makes me break into a cold sweat!

  • Not understanding the cost/results ratio of the budgets received

One of the most important issues, when hiring the website development company is knowing exactly how much we are willing to pay for what we want, and avoid sinning by excess or by default.

Before going into the points of defect and excess, I must tell you that the most common mistake is to choose the web development offer only taking into account the price, your budget, and choosing the cheapest. Avoiding it is one of the many decisions you must make before creating the website.

It is important to know how much we are going to pay, but it is not the only thing that we must take into account because money does not tell you how good the result will be, it only gives you expectations.

  • Wanting to pay very little when hiring the web development company

A web developer who you pay very little can have the same result because, for little money, you are surely hiring someone who does not have enough training or experience to do a professional job.

Remember that the image of your company is reflected through the website and, a low-cost website with a little elaborate web design, will not speak very well of your company to your potential customers.

Now, we cannot focus on how beautiful the development of your website is. As I have already told you, there must be harmony between the beauty, the functionality and the marketing of your website.

  • Hire a developer to program your website

The web developer is not a web programmer, nor a web consultant, nor a digital marketing technician. You must choose the right professional for each project of your company on the internet!

A common mistake is letting the website developer decide how your product or service is sold through the website. It is not that you give them all the responsibility, because I promise you that the work will go wrong, it is a matter of working as a team; you tell him what you want, and how you want it, and he makes it happen within the possibilities of web development.

  • Do not choose or work with a content manager (CMS)

I'm going to talk about a reality of many web page developers, who prefer the beautiful to the functional and, in some cases it bothers them (yes, it bothers them) to work with tools that many use. If you tell a web page developer about the most popular content management system, WordPress, many wrinkle their face, because it does not give them all the freedom to create what they want, although I do not think that is true.

What it ends up offering you is a beautiful page, but difficult, I say difficult, impossible to handle. It requires that your website be mounted on a content manager, such as WordPress, because it will make it much easier for you to make any changes to the website, or it will be much cheaper when someone has to do it for you.

So, look for a web page developer who offers to build your website with a WordPress-like content manager; this will make it much easier for you to administer the website and manage the content.

To finish, I want to tell you that it does not matter if you have made any of these mistakes. It is common for it to happen when one is inexperienced in some matter. What is really very important is that you correct everything you can so that you have a good result in the end.


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