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Top open source libraries to improve the IOS application development process

Open-source libraries are crucial for the IOS application development process.

IOS application development process is one of the most important and crucial aspects of creating an online brand. Because with the rising number of IOS device users it has become almost impossible for merchants to efficiently tap into them with only a business website. Further, having an IOS application also adds up to a business’s brand image and efficiently aid merchants in showcasing their products and services as well. Hence, we can easily perceive that with the help of an IOS application merchants can easily amp up their business by improving their brand’s visibility and accessibility. 

However, creating an IOS application requires merchants to be abundantly resourceful. This includes having proper knowledge regarding the tools and technologies their application would need to expand efficiently. This can be a nightmare for merchants who have zero technical background. In such cases, merchants can also hire an IOS app development company to figure out efficient development tools and strategies for their business app. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into some of the top open-source libraries that can aid merchants in improving their IOS app development process.

Reasons to use libraries for IOS application development

Writing every line of code for the process of IOS application development can be both times taking and troublesome for developers. So to make the whole development process easier and efficient developers must look for smarter and out of the box alternatives. One such amazing alternative is using external open source libraries available in the market. With the help of open-source libraries, developers can avoid writing multiple lines of code and efficiently create lightweight applications as well. So choosing a useful library can easily aid developers in making their work and tasks easier.

Top open source libraries to improve the IOS app development process

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that choosing a proper open-source library is an integral part of creating an efficient IOS application. However, with the overwhelming amount of options available in the market, developers can easily get confused and distracted. So understanding the application’s requirements and the facilities offered by the libraries in detail is a must for every merchant and developer. Below is a detailed list of some of the most popular and useful open-source libraries to improve the IOS app development process: 

  • DZNEmptydataset: The DZN empty dataset aids developers and merchants to easily deal with empty collection views and tables efficiently. For this, merchants and developers just have come to terms with certain compliances. This would easily aid merchants in improving their brand’s UI and achieve higher profits and sales.
  • PDTSimpleCalendar: Almost every business app needs an efficient calendar component. But adding that with custom code can be a frustrating and time taking process. Instead, developers can easily use the PDTSimple calendar to add an interactive calendar component in their application development process. 
  • Magical Records: Core Data comes with a lot of boilerplate code. This can make the whole development process messy and confusing for developers. With Magical Records, developers can wrap all the irrelevant codes in core data and access the functional part only to make the development process easier.

To wrap up

Open-source libraries are crucial for the IOS application development process. As with the help of open-source libraries developers can easily speed up their development process and make their application lightweight. However, with the number of options available in the market choosing the right one can become a confusing task. So, choose from the above-mentioned open source libraries today and step up the IOS application development process efficiently.

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