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5 Marketing Myths about Boutique Marketing Busted!

Covid-19 has shifted the old-school marketing strategies upside-down questioning the existing concepts of brand building and customer relations. In this blog, we treat those old concepts as myths and bring you 5 new boutique marketing concepts that turned out to be the new truth of marketing post-pandemic.

1. Myth: Marketing starts with identifying and targeting your clients.

   Truth: Marketing begins with identifying and targeting your client segment.

Creating a personal connection with a commercial message needs the client segment to be well-defined, where the targeted segment is described on multiple dimensions that influence their responsive behavior. Proper utilization of client segmentation can bring insights to the creative marketing strategy.

The Boutique marketing agency must try to communicate in very precise terms, targeting a specific segment of clients based on their characteristics and relevance, focusing less on brand name and more on product functionality.

This means that you have to understand the situations at the ground level, irrespective of country, state, or even zip codes. The marketing messages that you prepare, need to be personally relevant, arranged as per an individual’s values and situation.

2. Myth: Relationships with Clients do matter but to an extent.

   Truth: Relationships with the Clients are equivalent to everything.

Advertisements create a brand appeal first, and then this brand appeal falls to products, services, and client experiences.

It is well-known that building client relationships are very important. But, the Covid pandemic has placed a new importance on the relationship, especially in B2B sales. Prospecting for new clients requires a developed skill set that focuses on providing solutions instead of products.

After facing a virtual environment of sales, the Boutique digital marketing agency that had existing client relationships has been able to secure momentum in revenue generation.

3. Myth: Clients hope that you have what they want.

    Truth: Clients expect you to have exactly what they need.

Your clients today expect that any experience they have will be relevant, anticipatory, connected, and frictionless. They are somewhere concerned only with getting what they need and when they want it. And they always expect that nothing unwanted comes on their way.

Creating such kinds of experiences requires Boutique marketing agencies to place client’s data and necessities at the core. Data enables you to build more appropriate experiences across the 4Cs:

·        Community - assembling the B2B buyers at a webinar or a virtual trade show, etc.;

·        Convenience - Offering off coupons or other benefits to loyal clients;

·        Content - Should be rendered in practices like mobile apps or emails; and

·        Commerce - e-commerce, retail, or any hybrid experiences.

Today, most agencies are opting for a simplified approach like one-size-fits-all, but as clients demand more prominent personalization, agencies will need to use more intelligence and data to sharpen their decision-making to drive increased relevance and to build stronger client connections.

4. Myth: Addressing clients is just like dating.

   Truth: Addressing clients is just like online dating.

Previously, marketing was more about buying bulk or targeted reach at the best prices in media and just hoping to convert it into paying clients. It was more like going to various parties with the hope that you could find a date.

Now is an era of online dating and swiping your choices over apps. Today finding your perfect match is more about algorithms and data. In the terms of marketing, the era of brand marketing has inclined more towards performance marketing for generating leads and creating paying clients. Covid’s acceleration of digital channels has increased this trend.

Even though the dating strategies have shifted towards new rules, it will be necessary for agencies to leave space for both brand name and performance marketing given that the bottom-level funnel strategies drive the top-level goals, simply putting the works together.

5. Myth: Your brand should stand behind great products.

   Truth: Your brand should stand behind great values.

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged and upended brand loyalty. The EY Future Consumer Index has presented that around 61% of consumers, based on the category, have been willing to switch from a specific brand to white label products.

The research of EY has also shown that factors like trust, social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical sourcing have turned out to be increasingly more important than product factors like pricing, quality, and convenience while the clients have to choose the services or products.

Marketing has an important role to educate the broader C-suite on the importance of brand values when talking about differentiating a post-Covid-19 marketplace.

The above-mentioned marketing truths embody this blend, mentioning the junction of operations, technologies, and strategies, needed to raise growth in the post-pandemic scenario. Accepting them creates the path for recovery and long-term sustainability. In conclusion to all the discussion, an agency should prioritize the perspective of the clients today, tomorrow, and above everything.

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